I’ll give you 1 million visitors from all over the world, from every industry, and direct them to your blog right now.


I’ll give you 100 people that are actively looking for what you do, and who will read your blog faithfully and love what you have to say.It’s Not About The Traffic, It’s About The Readers

Which do you choose?

Seems like an easy decision when looking at these two sentences. Of course the more targeted the traffic, the more connection you will have with the visitors, and the more chance you have of converting them to paying customers.

But when you’re creating your content marketing strategy, it’s a little more difficult to understand. Have you ever:

  • Paid for a certain number of Twitter followers to follow you?
  • Advertised on Facebook and boosted a post with little results?
  • Written a post that has nothing to do with your business services or products?
  • Targeted Google with generic keywords?

We’ve all done it. Yet that doesn’t mean you have to continue developing your content marketing strategy that way from this point forward.

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Before you move forward with your next online campaign, ask yourself three things before you begin.

  1. Will this method reach out to my perfect clientele?

It’s not a smart marketing move to advertise “beef steaks” to a group of vegetarians, just like it’s not smart marketing to advertise your services on Facebook if they aren’t there. You have to understand where your target market is and what they are looking for in order to reach out in the most opportune way.

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  1. Why would viewers care about me once we connect?

Once they see you, then what? What can they expect from your relationship as you move forward? The more open and honest you are, the more you share what the next step in your process will be, the more they will be willing to go the next step with you. Be sure that it is appropriate for what they are looking for – a free report may help give them a push, weekly newsletters may keep them informed.

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  1. Am I keeping them happy and active from the moment I connect with them?

For most of us, developing a relationship for the long term gives our businesses the greatest impact. How are you connecting? Do you have content to introduce them to who you are? Do you have content to build a relationship? Do you have content to educate? Do you have content to keep them coming back for more? Content isn’t for one time response, its built to create a lifetime of opportunity in everything you do.

If you aren’t connecting with your clientele in the right way from the very beginning, maybe its time to start the process now.