There are 3,753,257,692 people online right now. And yet you made your way here and are reading this very page. How amazing is that!?


That’s what excites me, what motivates me. It’s the reason I created TheSocialGhost over a decade ago.


Hi, I’m Lori Osterberg, founder of TheSocialGhost. Here’s what I know for sure.


There are two types of websites on the Internet today:


1. Sites that cost money
2. and sites that make money


Unfortunately, most business owners fall in to the category of creating a website and spending money trying to make it successful, without ever really learning the secrets of creating a successful online presence.


Over the last twenty years, we have watched websites go from being optional to being a required business asset. We’ve watched the concept of “being online” move from having a small five page website, to having hundreds if not thousands of pages of content split between sites, blogs, and social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.


And we know that many business owners and independent consultants today are more aware of this than ever before. So they start a business, get a little help setting up a blog and a Facebook account and finding a few friends … they spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars creating a web presence. Then they begin questioning “Now what?”


Here at, we’re providing you with answers.


Did you know one in four sites being produced today is on the WordPress platform? Yes, there is a good reason for that. It’s all about ease of use. It’s all about power. And it’s all 

about making it as easy as possible to succeed with every move you make online. Why reinvent the wheel? Why make things difficult when the basic platform is already so easy?


The hard part comes in making it all work once the system is in place. You still have to bring in visitors. You still have to drive traffic. You still have to attract friends and followers. You still have to motivate readers to take action.


That’s the difficult part. If it was easy, anyone could set up a blog and a Facebook account and be an instant millionaire.


When it comes to being successful online, you need three things.


1. You need to have a dynamic web presence that is professional, set up in the correct manner, and is being utilized in a way to attract your potential customers.

2. You need to understand where your clients come from and how best to attract them. If you want to grow your traffic through Google searches, you have to know how to be there when they search.

3. You need to provide content. In today’s world, content is king (you’ve heard that, right?) People hate being sold to, but they love to buy. They love investigating, discovering, finding and sharing. And they do that through the use of content.


And that’s where most businesses fail.

And it’s also the part we’ve excelled at for the past 20 years.


I’ve been studying online marketing since we started our very first website back in 1993. I’ve read, attended classes, studied under some of the best marketers on the planet, and tried just about everything that exists online.


And guess what? Content rules! Yep, if you were to have started blogging years ago, filling your site with high-quality, well written, SEO page friendly content, and done so on a regular basis, I know your site would rank well in every search term you tried for. (I know this because it’s what I’ve done for myself and my clients for years. It works.)


It sounds easy, but it’s not. Not everyone can write high-quality articles. Not everyone is personable enough to create content that motivates your readers and makes them want more. That takes skill most people don’t have, including writers. (I know this too because I’ve hired a lot of writers. I’ve also had to let a lot of them go …)


Who We Work With:

We’ve helped thousands of people and business owners navigate and excel at succeeding with their content marketing strategy.


Wealth Management
Real Estate
Interior Design


And that’s just a few of the many industries and small business owners we’ve helped along the way.


We’ve been writing content for businesses
for over a decade, and we believe
it’s still the only way!

Anybody can write. We’re taught writing from elementary school on. But not everyone can write effectively for the online world. We know how to attract customers AND attract Google. We write quickly and efficiently to make sure your site is doing what it’s supposed to do … bring in customers.


Lori Osterberg (founder & CEO)


Lori Osterberg is the founder of TheSocialGhost, where she writes to get people noticed. She does all the writing, you get all the credit!


Her background in bullet points:


  • She’s successful at business. She’s created several successful businesses, and loves being an entrepreneur.
  • She’s a writer at heart. She loves writing for her clients. But as a writer, she’s always stretching her wings, and looking for new ways to use her words. She’s published over a dozen books, both fiction and nonfiction. She’s worked under contract with a publisher as well as learning the ropes of self-publishing.
  • She’s a raving fan of technology. She’s passionate about technology, the internet, and finding ways to make things more efficient for today’s businesses. If there’s a gadget or program that’s brand new, chances are Lori’s playing with it to find out what it can do.
  • She loves sharing everything she knows. In addition to publishing fiction and nonfiction, Lori has been a columnist on small business marketing for the Denver Business Journal, written a variety of ebooks and training manuals, and written articles for countless publications both online and off. You may have even been to one of Lori’s classes or seminars – she loves sharing what she knows with others.
  • She’s a creative artist. Lori has received numerous awards for her photography, marketing, entrepreneurial spirit, and business forte.
  • She loves to travel. Lori loves it so much, she sold her forever home for the chance to travel the world. That’s the beauty of working online – you can establish your own rules. And for Lori that means working from Airbnb’s anywhere in the world. Ask her about her recent trip to New Zealand …
  • She loves the online world. She doesn’t just speak about it, she walks the walk. She puts into practice what she does for her clients everyday. In addition to ghost blogging for dozens of business, Lori also has written for many different sites of her own, including,, and You may know her from any one of those sites – she’s been online for over two decades.
  • She’s here for you. Lori’s goal is to be here for you. When you choose to work with TheSocialGhost in any capacity, she works hard to help you understand more about the online marketing world. Have a question? Ask. She’s here for you.


Still reading? Interested in learning more? Why not set up a time for us to talk?