If you are trying to grow your business, you’ve probably come up with a lot of different ideas in your research. To grow a company, you need marketing. But what about all the different kinds of marketing out there? What’s the difference between:

  • Content MarketingHire A Content Marketing Company … What Does It Mean
  • Digital Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Push Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Work Of Mouth Marketing

Do you need one? Do you need many? How do you know which to choose?

In reality, marketing is marketing. You can put all kinds of fancy names on it, but when it comes to execution, they all have the ultimate purpose of converting potential customers into paying customers. It’s used to gain attention, and guide people through the process of discovering you exist, all the way to connecting with them throughout the life of your business.

Marketing is marketing. How you choose to do it is where the different tools come into play.

If you want to gain exposure with new clients in the online world, first and foremost choose someone who is good at marketing. Then look beyond and make sure they thoroughly understand the concepts that make marketing in the online world effective.

A content marketing company uses content for the marketing process. Writing blog posts may be part of it, but its only a small part of it. Content marketing companies:

  • Research to find out what a potential client would search for in your niche
  • Determine hot button topics that give potential clients problems
  • Write using keyword concepts
  • Have proper blogging plugins to help content gain its fullest potential
  • Understand SEO techniques and put them in place throughout the content
  • Work to create effective content that’s readable online and can be shared throughout a variety of communities and platforms

If you’ve worked with content before, whether you’ve hired a “writer” promising you results, or even attempted writing yourself, have you achieved the results you were looking for? If not, it may be time to ask a new set of questions, and find a “content marketing company” that truly understands the concept of content marketing.