Ask 100 people what the most difficult part of blogging is and I bet you’ll hear one of two answers.

1. I hate writing; I never know what to write about.

2. I don’t have the time to write, something else always gets in the way.

When I tell people I’m a ghost blogger and write, on average, 5 posts a day, most people give me a strange look wondering what on earth I could write about that much.

For me it’s easy. I do it all the time. But I understand. If writing isn’t your main focus, it’s easy to have it completely overwhelm you.

Two things are true when it comes to blogging.

1. A blog is the base of your online marketing strategy. You own it (you do have your own domain name with your own blogging platform built into your hosting, don’t you). You control the content. You can create any type of marketing campaign you desire.

2. The only way to succeed with it is to add content on a regular basis.

In both of these cases, I don’t see things changing much in the years to come. In fact, content will continue to grow as the lead way of building relationships and gaining new customers online.

But that doesn’t change the original question. How do you add content on a regular basis if you hate writing or simply don’t have the time?

Solve The Problem Of Not Knowing What To Write About

One of the most difficult parts of writing content for your blog is not knowing what to write about. You sit there and The Social Ghost Blogging Plannerstare at the screen contemplating what your first word should be. You start surfing looking for ideas. And before you know it, 30 minutes has gone by and you have nothing to show for it. You shut down your word processor and wait for another day.

Yep, that’s an easy thing to have happen when writing content. Which is why you’ll love TheSocialGhost Blogging Planner. (It’s Free!)

I just released my 2015 Blogging Planner, a calendar based system that allows you to easily think about and plan out your content for every day, every month for the entire year of 2015. I give you content ideas, tips for writing, ways to stay on track with your goals and more. When you have your title and content ideas already in place when you sit down to write, its much, much easier.

Solve The Problem Of Not Having Time

I have the idea, but I never have the time. Yes, I know a lot of you are still thinking that way. And I understand. But the next question is “do you not have time to market your business?” Blog posting is synonymous with marketing. It’s the base line strategy of your online marketing plan. Do you really not have the time to market?

In many cases, not having time simply means you aren’t giving it the right priority level. You wouldn’t put off a meeting with a potential customer – that would be top priority. You have to give your blog post writing the same priority level.

The easiest way I’ve found to do it is put it on the calendar and let nothing disturb your writing time. How about 6 to 7 in the morning? If you get in to the office before the rush of the day begins, and find an hour to do nothing but write your blog posts, how much could you get accomplished?

Solve The Problem Of Hating Writing

And finally we come to the problem of hating writing. If you absolutely hate writing, it takes hours to write a few sentences, and if you had to compare it to one other thing in your life, it would be like undergoing a root canal, there is a way around it. (Yes, I actually had a client that said writing to her was equal to undergoing a root canal.)

Hire it out. That’s what ghost blogging is for.

Ghost blogging is perfect for busy people that don’t want to take the time to create content themselves. By hiring a ghost blogger, they are guaranteed quality content will be entered into their blog on a regular basis. It will be written in the best way to attract search engines. It will have personality and style. And it will be what top prospects are looking for when they think of you and your services.

Content is king. It is the number one way to market your business online – and that won’t change any time soon. The only question now is what level of priority are you going to make it in your business?