The Better The Story, The Better The Blog

What is a blog post really for?

Ultimately, it’s about connection.

When stumbles upon your blog, they find it because they are searching for something. They have a want, desire, problems or need. They are looking for solutions and answers. But they don’t want pages and pages of clinical facts that make them have to read through things so dry they fall asleep. Nope; instead they want to read about it all in a story.  They want to be able to really get into your story, see him or herself in your writing, and have the desire to move to the next level. To take action.

The easiest way to become better at writing is to create your blog posts like you would be telling a story to a potential customer. How would you speak to them?

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Let’s say as a business owner, you know you’re weak at selling. So you’ve decided to go on the hunt for a sales coach or training program that can help you become more comfortable with the process. You stumble upon a blog post with very little content, and it says something like this:

“Selling isn’t fun and most people don’t enjoy it.”

You may agree with that sentence, but does it really motivate you to want to take the next step or to find out more about what the person is saying? Compare that to:

“Jane hated selling. She hated it so much she almost decided to close her business because of it. She loved working with the clients, making them happy, and following up with them after the sale. But it was always the initial meeting that made her nervous. She never wanted to come across as a used car salesperson. She didn’t want people thinking she was pushy.”

If you hate selling, you can instantly feel Jane’s pain. You can put yourself into her situation, and feel exactly what she’s feeling. You also want to read more of the story – what happens next? Does Jane shut down her business? Or does she find a solution?

That’s the way you want to write. Let your writers feel what you are talking about. Bring out the details. Describe the situation how someone looking in would see it. Describe it from one person’s point of view.

Great books always pull you in because they tell a story. They make you want to read further because you want to find out what’s next.

Do the same with your blog.

Do this with every post. And do it as you dive deeper into a subject, connecting different posts to give even more of the story. Make people move from one spot to the next, sticking to your site to discover what’s next.

The more they read, the more they stay. And by sticking around, they may just be willing to take the next step … with you.