When you use a blog as a marketing tool for your business, a great post idea is to include your customers as case studies. Depending on your business, there are a variety of ways to do this.

Start with the end in mind

When you add case studies to your blog, it isn’t tHow To Blog About Your Customers o impress your customer, its to attract new business. A testimonial is great, but a far better way to include information on your blog is to have it tell a story. What did your customer hope to accomplish by hiring you? Why did they hire you over others? What were the results? The purpose of a great case study is to allow a prospect to “see” what you can do for them by witnessing it through the eyes of your current client.

Use a great title that attracts prospects and search engines

Testimonial. Yes, I’ve seen many, many blog posts with this word as its title. When was the last time you typed in “testimonial” looking for a new product or service. Never. A title should be used to attract the attention of your customer, make them choose to read further, AND attract the attention of Google by using strong keywords. Which do you think would work better for a plumber – “testimonial” or “How To Survive A Bursting Water Heater and Five Inches Of Standing Water”?

Use Q&A

If you aren’t sure of how to write about a customer, interview your customer instead. Either though a phone call or through email, ask your client a series of questions. Then use their answers to build your blog post. You can use their answers verbatim – simply copy/paste it into your post, or use the content to write it in your own style.

Tell a story

Imagine for a moment you are sitting with a friend, telling them all about your latest customer. How would you talk about her? What would you say? You would be more animated, more of a storyteller, right? When we talk with friends, we provide the juicy little details that make things more exciting. We add our own personality. Write your blog posts in this manner as well. If you have trouble writing in this manner, say it instead. You can record your story and have someone transcribe it for you, or say it in video format. Either makes a great addition to your blog.

Use several clients to make a point

Instead of making a post about one client, use several to build up a point. This works well for a product or service that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, a tax accountant can write a post “8 Simple Ways Colorado Small Businesses Are Avoiding Taxes”. Would that catch the eye of a small business owner? You bet. And you could use 8 different stories to illustrate your points.

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Remember, your business revolves around supporting your customers. When you bring them into your marketing, potential clients can feel what you do in an entirely different way. Focus in on how you can help them best, showcase it regularly in the way you write. You’ll see the difference in the way you connect with your readers almost immediately.