Every business person knows today that marketing is the only way to build a successful company. And if you’ve been playing in the online world for any length of time (and paying attention to the posts right here on TheSocialGhost) you know that the best way to market your business online is with content. Not just any content; high quality content that builds a strong rapport with your readers.

Yet even when you have a following, have people reading your content on a regular basis, there is still the desire to have content go viral, and bring people in by the thousands rather than the single or double digits frequently found in small, local businesses.What Makes Content Go Viral

But how do you do that? How do you make content go viral? Yes, in may ways it can sometimes be luck. But there are things you can do that edge it into favor.

Tip #1: People talk about and share things they remember

Think back to the people you meet at networking events. Most of them stick with the same old boring lines, talking about the same old boring things. Then every once in awhile you’ll have someone that captures your attention. Why? They stand out, they do things differently. The more you focus in on what makes you different, and share that so people will remember what you do, the easier it will be for them to share your information with those around them.

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Tip #2: People talk about and share things that matter to them

Why are hot button topics spread rapidly throughout the Internet? Because people are passionate about things that matter to them. No matter what your opinion on GMOs, global warming, or fracking, you’re probably passionate about your beliefs. And while those are extreme examples, the same can be said for every business. We all have things we believe in, that matter to us. The more willing you are to share that side of you, the easier it will be to connect up with like-minded people.

Tip #3: People talk about and share things they find valuable

Did something connect with you at the right time to create a massive change in the way you think? What allowed you to have you’re a-ha moment? When people find things of value, that help them through a problem, or allow them to move from one idea to the next, those are the things they want to share with their friends as well. Especially if you continue providing valuable information over and over again.

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Tip #4: People talk about and share things that other people find interesting

We all want to be liked for our opinions and what we have to share. That’s how the Like button started on Facebook. When you like something, you are acknowledging it. And when your friends see that acknowledgment, they want to join as well. We don’t want to stand out from the crowd, we want to fit in with the crowd. So when we see a friend we really like has an opinion about something, we want to share that with our other friends as well.

Tip #5: People talk about and share things they find entertaining

Yes, those cute pet videos capture their fair share of attention. But there are a wide variety of things people find interest in. This is where videos work well – check how many videos pop in your Facebook feed. When you have a few minutes to spare, finding something that inspires you, that entertains you, that makes you laugh or even cry can make all of the difference.

And its well worth sharing with all of those around you as well.