How To Write Your Free ReportChances are you see it every day.

When you visit a website, do you notice the sign up box with the “free report” offer? Or have you noticed a pop up box enticing you to sign up to receive free information that directly applies to you?

There is good reason for this.

99 percent of all people who visit your site today won’t make a decision. They will back away from your site – and potentially forget you even exist … unless you entice them enough to take action.

That’s where your free report comes in.

A simple 5 to 25 page report has more marketing potential than any other marketing tool in your toolbox. It has the potential to bring in thousands of leads and clients, and have people pounding on your door for the opportunity to work with you.

Writing a special report doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, much of the content you already need is already in place. Even if you hate writing … with this simple 7 step outline as your guide, you’ll have your report written in no time.

Step #1: What is the problem?

The best place to start is at the beginning. Why is your potential customer visiting your site in the first place? What problem are they trying to solve by visiting your site and reading your information? Your title should entice them to want more information from you because it suggests you not only know a lot about the problem, but also could be the expert they’ve been looking for.

Step #2: How much pain are you in?

When someone has a problem, every day that goes by costs them in some manner. They can’t move forward. They can’t move on. They can’t achieve what they truly desire. Flush out this “pain” and use that again and again in your free report, touting the fact that they are stuck and without a solution. When they read your report, they need to feel that pain. They need to understand that you recognize that pain.

Step #3: What are generic solutions?

In ever circumstance, we usually find many ways to try and solve the problem ourselves. Maybe you read books. Maybe you look for cheap solutions online. Maybe you try things that simply don’t work. The more of these generic solutions you can find, the more you can incorporate into your report and show why they don’t work. The key is to make your reader see themselves along the way. That gives you credibility and makes them want to continue reading.

Step #4: What is your specific solution?

After you lay the groundwork for other solutions and why they don’t work, its time to put your solution into play. This should be the meat of your special report. This is where you want to spell out your method and provide tips, strategies and resources, and show how they can use this information today to start solving their own problem. This is where you build trust. This is where people begin building faith in your ability and where they determine they want a stronger relationship with you.

Step #5: Show me the proof

In today’s world, people are skeptical when it comes to advertisers tooting their own horns. If you can provide proof from people outside of your company that they had great results with you, your trust level will skyrocket. This is where testimonials and case studies come into play. What proof do you have that your system works? Do you have users that will be willing to write up a testimonial for you? Do you have a raving fan that is willing to create a 3 minute video talking about how great your product/service is? Can you show results through increases in your bank account? Wherever the proof lies, use that to build up our authority.

Step #6: Why you?

People don’t do business with businesses, they do business with people. They do business in a place where the sales clerk says hi and remembers their order. They do business with people that resonate with them. That’s where your story comes into play. Yes, people are interested in what you do and where you came from. They want to feel they can trust you because you have the credibility and expertise to be where you are today.

Step #7: Where do we go from here?

Reading your report isn’t enough – you have to take them by the hand and lead them directly to your product or service. This is your call to action. This is where you give them an offer they can’t refuse. This is where you show them how to take advantage of what your company offers, and how to begin working with you.

That’s it.

Its important to make sure your free report isn’t dry, formal, clinical or way over the heads of your readers. Make it conversational. Give it personality. Let them see the fun side of who you are.

Pretend you’re in a coffee shop talking directly to the person reading it. How would you talk to them? What would you say? Your free report should have the same tone and the same flow.

You simply have a desire to share your experience with them. This is your chance to build the relationship – make sure you do it in a way they love you, trust you, and want to do business with you.


Having trouble writing your own effective free report? Let us help you. We offer copywriting services that can help you flush out who you ideal customer is, what problem they are having, and how best to provide you as the best solution possible.