Does Copy Really Matter
On Your Website?

I see it all the time. I visit a website, click around to a few pages, only to find things like this:

Welcome to my page. I offer service A, service B, and service C. If you have any questions, I’m here to help. Email me or give me a call during normal business hours.

Yep, really. I see it all the time.

People understand they need a web presence, so they hire a designer to put something together. Or they use one of those do-it-yourself sites where you can click a few buttons and have a few pages ready to go in minutes.

Then comes the hard part. The copy. What do you do? You throw up a few sentences on each page hoping its good enough. Or worse, you copy something from a competitor and use that instead. (You do know copy is copyrighted, don’t you?)

Am I touching a nerve? I know, I see that “look” in peoples’ eyes all the time.

Copywriting isn’t an afterthought. It isn’t something you throw together, hoping your visitors “get it”. If that’s been your strategy up until now, you probably know how that’s been working out. And it’s probably why you’re here.

I’m a pro at writing. In fact, I write thousands of words every day. I know what works for my clients and what doesn’t. I know what matters in the online world, and what works when reaching out to clientele. I know because I do it every day.

And right now, I know you have a few questions…

Why should I care about my copy?

This is a great place to start. Copy describes what you do. It tells the reader all about you, your company, your product or your service. It gives them information about working with you, what to expect along the way, and why they should trust you above anyone else they come across in the online world.

See, when you meet someone face to face, a lot goes into developing the relationship. They make an opinion about the way you look and the way you talk. They decide to do business with you when they trust what you have to say, either through body language or the actual words you use in conversation.

But we don’t have that online. We have to accomplish all of that – and more – simply by the words we choose to use. Which means you have to make a person find you, read what you have to say, like what you have to say, fall in love with you, make contact with you, and actually book you … all with your copy.copywriting your sales copy

Copy is invaluable in its ability to build lasting relationships with your prospects and your customers. I’m sure you know marketing can make or break you. I’m sure you know that relationships are the lifeblood of your business. And if you aren’t looking at the lifetime value of your clientele, you are missing the most crucial part about building your business. And staying in business.

Copy deepens those relationships. It creates a bond that once you have is difficult to break. And when they love you, trust you, and hang on your every word, they buy.

That’s the power of your copy.

Why should I trust you to write about me?

Good question. I’ve been a small business owner for over 20 years now, building three successful businesses along the way. I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business. I’ve written books and articles – both online and off – for more magazines and publications then I can name.

When I first started writing copy, I did it solely for me. Even though I was in a variety of career fields in my early years, the one thing I always fell back on was writing. I loved to learn about marketing, and how I could use copy in order to become that much better at marketing. In fact, I won awards for my marketing techniques, so I guess other people liked what I was writing too. But above all that, I started seeing results. Awards don’t matter – results do. If you aren’t growing your business based on what you’re writing, you won’t succeed for very long.

Then a client asked if I could help her with a sales letter she was having trouble with. She had a great product that just wasn’t selling online. She knew people loved it when she spoke to them in person, but she couldn’t convey that same message online. Could I help? Sure enough, I took her message and wrote up her sales letter. She put it online … and things started happening. Very quickly. She was amazed. And frankly I was a little amazed too. I never really thought about writing copy for others.

I had so much fun with that project, I knew I wanted to help others as well. So I set off on a new journey to learn all I could about copywriting. I read every book I could find on copywriting – yep I’m the person coming out of the library and bookstores with an armful of books at a time. I went to seminars. I found some of the best names in the business and I started emulating them. Soon word began spreading about my successes, and I’ve been working at it ever since.

Copywriting for clients

Today I write about improving your copy, and teach people regularly how to be more successful in the online world by using dynamic copy. I’ve written dozens of About Us pages (the second most popular and viewed page on your website), and thousands of blog posts for just about every industry you can imagine. And of course I’ve written sales pages for a variety of products and services, all with one underlying thought in mind … profits.

Will you know what to say about my product or service?

Every business has a unique product or service. They have a unique way of building it, selling it, and promoting it.

Yet all businesses have one thing in common: marketing. You see, it’s reaching out and touching people’s hearts that matters most. Whether you want them to be passionate about your tax services, or the newest widget you recently developed, it’s the emotions that sell in the end.

And that’s what I’m good at. I know how to interview you to get to the core of what you are selling, how you sell it, and what makes your company unique. I know how to find just the right way to say things so that when people come, they don’t want to leave without taking action. I guarantee I’ll learn everything about your business that is important to your prospects and clients. And I’ll use all of that knowledge, plus all I know about successful sales copy, to create copy that helps you do one thing: attract business.

What’s your specialty? What kinds of copywriting can you do for me?

If you’re not a writer, you may assume that a writer can write pretty much anything and have it be successful. I’ve found that to be far from the truth.

You see, writing a novel is completely different from creating a sales page that gets people to buy. Writing an autoresponder series is completely different than writing an article for a magazine.

When I take on a project, I work to create the best online copy I can to help you engage with your visitors, and help convert your visitors into sales. And ultimately profits.

If you’ve always assumed you can take your traditional brochures and convert them into online pages to attempt to sell to potential customers, you’ve probably realized the futility in that method of marketing. And chances are you’re have very little success. That’s because online sales are different than offline. And customers online are looking at things completely different than they hunt for things in a more traditional manner. Online, you need things like:

  • Free reportsOnline Copywriting
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Autoresponder series
  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Blog posts
  • Social media content
  • Press releases
  • eZines
  • About Us pages

If you want to improve the way you market your business online, if you’re ready to connect and build relationships with prospects and customers in an entirely new way, I can help you.

How long will it take to create my copy?

Of course the answer is it depends. We’ll start out by discussing your deadlines and your expectations. We’ll talk about what the copy ultimately will look like and how long it will take to write. In general, we request 4 to 6 weeks to make it spectacular. But of course we can adjust depending on circumstances and what our ultimate goals are.

When we take the job, you’ll have top quality copy at the agreed upon time. Or we won’t take the job.

Will Lori be the person that writes my copy?

Yes, I’m the only copywriter in house. When you hire me, you’ll speak with me throughout the project, and the final product will be solely based on my skills as a copywriter.

Lori Osterberg In The News

Okay, now what? How do I get started?

This is the easy part.

First, connect with us either through an email, our contact page, or through a quick phone call, and we’ll get the ball rolling.Get started with copywriting

Next, we’ll send over our Discovery Application that lets us know a little more about your project. Just a few specific questions – nothing you can’t answer in a couple of minutes.

Then we’ll put together our Discovery Proposal to give you direction. You’ll find out things like what our initial reactions are, how we see the project unfolding, and of course the final cost to you.

Finally we’ll move into our action phase. Once payment has been made, we’ll brainstorm and develop our Discovery Blueprint – our action guide that will keep your team and my team on track throughout the process. I know what to ask to pull out the tiny details that will make your copy POP. And don’t worry about this being a tedious process. I’ll give you a call and record the whole thing so we don’t miss anything.

Then sit back and relax. Your copy will be ready in no time at all. We’ll do the difficult part of writing and getting everything together to create winning copy for you and your business.




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