What does it take to write the perfect blog post?

If you’re not a writer, chances are it can be the most difficult thing in the world. All kinds of questions run through your head:

  • What do I write about?
  • How do I find the perfect picture/graphic?
  • What about keywords?
  • How do people find my post online?

And that’s just with the first post. A few months down the road, after you’ve written post after post, the questions become even more difficult.

  • What do I write about now?
  • Are people really reading what I’m writing?
  • Does anybody care about my blog?

That’s when the majority of bloggers give up. They let the questions win, and they move on to other endeavors. Yet that’s the time when you need to keep it up, because you’re finally starting to gain traction with your blog posts. Here are some ideas to keep you writing.

Choose Your Topic

With every post you write, you should have a topic or one main idea. Think of your products and or services. Think of your many clients, and how each of them came to you for a different reason. This is a great way to start coming up with topics.

Write From Different Angles

While its important to have your blog cover a topic thoroughly, don’t forget that every service or product you offer can be broken down in many ways. Don’t cover every piece of your business within one post; instead break it down into multiple pieces.

For instance, if you have a blog on dentistry, it’s easy to write to choose to write a post on a topic such as wisdom teeth. Yet even this one topic can be broken down many ways.

  • What are wisdom teeth?
  • Can you live with wisdom teeth?
  • Why do you need to have wisdom teeth removed?
  • What does it mean when the dentist says your wisdom teeth are impacted?

And so on. See how I started with one topic – wisdom teeth – and quickly found four different posts from four different angles?

Include The Complete Thought

Once you have your blog title and concept in place, write a complete thought from beginning to end. Just because you know you’ve written five other posts on this same topic doesn’t mean the reader will. They are entering this post for the first time, and need a complete message, from beginning to end.

Target It Towards One Client

Want an even easier way to write up a post? Think about one client you are currently working with. What do you talk with them about? How did you sell them on your services? Write a post directly to this one person, and chances are you’ll reach a dozen others with the same concerns, questions and thoughts.

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Refer To Other Sources

Don’t make your blog posts a single read. Instead, use hyperlinks to bring them to other sources both on your own blog, and to other resources online. Not only does this provide them with even more content and details, it keeps them actively reading and clicking to more resources throughout your blog. The longer you can keep their attention, the greater chance you have of turning them into a client.