What’s the hardest thing to do with a blog? Finding new things to write about on a weekly basis.

But in order to stay meaningful to your readers, and relevant to the search engines, being a content writer means doing exactly that – writing content. Content Writer

Keep these 5 tips in mind when you’re finding new things to write about.

1. What questions do people have when you’re out networking? These are informational ideas that would be great starter posts for your blog. Probably the most common question I get when out networking and talking about how to use social networking for your business is, “Why would people care what I have for lunch?” So that spurred my post on Social Copywriting.

2. What questions do your customers have? A recent client came back several months after we had developed her blog. She stated she still wasn’t having any results, even though she had been blogging for several months. One look at her blog gave me insight – and a reason to create my blog post on Blog Titles.

3.What resources are new in your field? When Sony released their Bloggie Camera earlier this year, we were one of the first in line to buy it – and share it on our site as a resource. If you’re blogging, this is a must have camera. Why not share it as a resource with our followers? What makes a great resource for your readers?

4. What can you teach? Every industry leader has a huge amount of knowledge they can share with their prospects and customers. It’s not about giving them all of the information they need to accomplish everything – it’s more about sharing your knowledge to showcase your expertise on your subject matter. How about a how-to section? You can write your content – or use your Bloggie to create a video.

5. Make people aware of what they might not know. Your customers don’t work in your industry, and don’t keep up with the latest happenings. Put simply, they don’t know what they don’t know. Which is why you are there to remind them of things. When they get that a-ha moment, and you’re the one that provided it, you’re more likely to remain in their minds. And become a valuable resource in their toolbox.