Want to know the most important part of your blog post? You guessed it … your title. Your title is the only thing standing between you and potential readers online that will not only read it themselves, but also have the chance of sharing it all over the social world.

Which would you rather read?

Home Selling Tips


7 Easy Home Selling Tasks That Will Have Big Impact For A Quick Sale

Big difference, right? But how do you create a blog post title that has major potential every time?

Start With A Working Title As Your Guide

Your title should control your post, not the other way around. Start with your keyword, your subject matter:

Selling a townhome

Then use your working title to narrow the focus and come up with a beneficial concept within the post. You could narrow “selling a townhome” like this:

  • How To Sell Your Townhome In Half The Time
  • 10 Strategies To Bring In Multiple Buyers When Selling Your Townhome
  • How To Get More Money When Selling Your Townhome

See how specific each of these titles are? Yes, they are all geared towards selling a townhome. Yet each sets up the post for specific strategies to be included when writing the post, and also gives a reader clues as to expectations if they click for more information.

Make It Sexy

People hate being led astray. If your title promises results, make sure your post delivers. That said, you don’t have to do it in a boring way. Find a way to add pizzazz to your titles while still giving an indication as to what they will deliver.

Start with your topic:

Tips For Staging Your Home

Then add buzzwords or strong language that will help it sell:

Secret Tips For Staging Your Home The Professionals Don’t Want You To Have

All of this adds intrigue, and gives people a reason to open and read it rather than passing it by.

Think SEO

If you’ve been online for a while, your first thought may move towards creating SEO friendly content. Avoid that thought. SEO should only be secondary to providing quality content people want to read and choose to share.

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Yet you can also consider SEO when finalizing your titles. In the above example for staging your home, it might be a relevant article your readers would enjoy. But if you want to optimize it as well, you may consider writing it like this:

Secret Tips Sellers Agents Wish You Had For Staging Your Home

That can be an added bonus if you are trying to rank better under “sellers agents”. Keep in mind that for SEO purposes, keywords placed at the beginning of the title will rank better than words further into the title. So “Sellers Agents Wish You Knew These Secret Tips Before Staging Your Home” would rank better for the term “sellers agents” than the previous example.

Keep It Short

There is no one size fits all when writing the perfect title. However, if your true goal is to have it rank well and be sharable, there are a few guidelines. Keep the title under 65 characters so it won’t get cut off in search engine results. To make it tweetable, keep it under 118 characters (that’s 140 character limit on Twitter minus 22 characters the URL will take up in the tweet).

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Will your titles always be perfect in every way? No. But by following these few guidelines your odds will increase overall.

What have you tried with your titles?

The only way to utilize all the benefits of a content marketing strategy is to generate original content yourself. If you are having trouble generating content for your real estate blog, you have options. Hiring a professional blog writer or ghost blogger can take the burden off of this daunting task, and allow you to concentrate on doing what you do best – working with home buyers and sellers to close your home listings.