Get Started By Discovering The Real Reason You Should Be Blogging

One of the primary ways a small business is able to gain traction fast online is by honing in on their ideal customer, and focusing their marketing materials on those specific customers.


And one of the best ways to get your message out there is with a blog. A blog gives you the vehicle to quickly get text, audio and video out to potential customers, and quickly convert them from prospects to clients. It’s all about showing people your expertise, and giving them what they want. 





Blog writing works in two ways. First, it helps you be very specific with your content. And the more specific you are with your content, the easier it is to reach out to an exclusive group of people looking for what you have to offer. Second, blog writing provides content, and content is the king in today’s society. People are smart, knowledgeable and educated when they are ready to make a purchase. They know how to find a specific company that offers exactly what they want to buy. They search with their mobile devices, and when they find what they want, they buy.



That means you have to be online and in the right places so that you show up when they search. Your information has to provide them exactly what they are looking for, and provide enough content to make them move forward.


That’s where blogging comes into play. The more content you write, the more you will be where your prospects are looking. And the more content you produce, the more Google will love you. And reward you with more rankings in the search engines.


Content truly is king.


But if you’ve ever tried blogging, or are terrified at the idea of having to create content on a regular basis, you know how overwhelming it can all be. If you’ve ever been on a blog where a post hasn’t been made in a few weeks (or even months) you know how fast you can lose credibility with the company. A blog is synonymous with fresh, up-to-date content. You have to keep the content coming, or it may in fact hurt your business.


That’s where we come in.


Blog writing, or ghost blogging, can take the stress out of creating content, and put you in charge of how you reach out to your visitors.


How Does Blog Writing, or Ghost Blogging Work?


Myth: Nobody can ghost blog for me because I’m in a very technical field.

We hear this comment again and again. Let me tell you why it simply isn’t true.


Ghost blogging isn’t about writing up specific details about your industry. It isn’t about a formal education within your field. Instead, ghost blogging is all about providing the content your prospects and clients are looking for.


They don’t want a formal education. They want enough facts to be comfortable that you are the person they should trust to move forward with. We focus on answering their questions, not providing them with an education into how you got where you are today.

We start by gathering the right information about you, your business, and your target market. Then we do our research. We want to find out what your prospects are actually searching for, and mirror that to the way you want to present your business. Then we start writing.

We create the posts that will reach out to your target audience and get you noticed. It’s like hiring someone who can passionately write about what you do best.

Want to see what we are doing for others?

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Blog Writing & Ghost Blogging Services


We make our entire ghost blogging services easy and affordable. No long term contracts to sign. No long term commitments for better pricing. We’re confident when you start seeing results, you’ll love having us on board to help you reach out to new, potential clients. In fact many of our clients have loved their results so much, they’ve been with us for months, even years.


All of our ghost blogging services provide you with in-depth posts written about specific details pertaining to your industry. Our articles are in-depth content ranging around 1,200 to 1,500 hundred words per article – perfect to qualify you as an “expert” to both your readers and with Google. We include links as appropriate, and produce high-quality images to complement your content.


Included in our service is placement directly into your blog, management of content, and full support in upkeep of your blog.


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If you don’t have a blog in place, we can provide a blog platform for you. We design exclusively using the WordPress platform and plugins, and have extensive knowledge in how to make a blog work for you.


“Lori Osterberg DELIVERS!  She is a wonderful and sensitive copywriter who can take your message and expand or tweak it to get the job done!  Prior to discovering Lori, I thought that I would forever have to write every single word of copy personally.  Now I know
that I can depend on her to enhance my message while keeping the ‘flavor’ or what
I originally intended to say.  She’s come up with wonderful themes for
autoresponders and sales letters and her words have even given me some ideas
and approaches to include in my books.

I’ve tried out other writers who were crushed or offended if I didn’t automatically accept everything they wrote at face value. Lori understands that each document ultimately
must match my voice and my intent.  She is a wonderful writer and a great
collaborator and enhancer!”

~ Abby R