Ghost Blogging Case Study – Watts Chiropractic

Watts Chiropractic

“As a small chiropractic office, I wear many different hats throughout my busy days. I knew my best place to reach out and find new customers was in the online world. But without a lot of time on my hands, I had no idea where to start. TheSocialGhost helped by developing a website for me built on the WordPress platform that allows me to make changes whenever I want. I love being able to update things like my hours or add special events whenever I choose, and its very easy to do. Its even mobile ready, which is increasingly important to my customers. Then I moved to their ghost blogging services, which almost immediately helped me gain traction in Google. I now rank under a variety of keywords, and have connected with people well beyond my reach with my more traditional marketing methods. The posts TheSocialGhost writers create for me are always professional, and I’ve used the content in so many other ways … like posting to my Facebook page. Ghost blogging works. I’ve used it for years and will continue to do so.”

Jason Watts – Watts Chiropractic


When Watts Chiropractic first approached TheSocialGhost, his practice was brand new. He wanted to brand his business in the online world, and make his site match the logo and brochures he recently had a marketing company design for him. He also wanted ease of use – something where he could make changes as things changed. We designed his site based on a WordPress platform to give him full flexibility as his business grew. Along the way we continue to add functionality to his site as things arise – like a calendar program to announce his training programs to his audience, or a mobile plugin that converted his site to mobile friendly platform. Perfect for the changing needs of his customers.

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Ghost Blogging Testimonial Watts Chiropractic