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CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Testimonial

“Before I began using TheSocialGhost’s ghost blogging service, my company was difficult to find on the web.  Now, I am on page 1 of many searches.  I now get calls from potential clients that I did not get before.  What I like most about the ghost blogging service is that I don’t have to do a thing.  It is all automatically taken care of by TheSocialGhost.  My business has grown substantially since I started using TheSocialGhost.  It has been a good investment in the growth of my company.  I only wish I had started doing it sooner. Thanks TheSocialGhost!”

Ryan Pierce – CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning


With CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning, our goal was twofold. First, the site was relatively new and had never been marketing online before, so our first goal was to get recognized by Google and start achieving placement in search results used on a regular basis. Second, to begin achieving results in a local community.

With many service oriented businesses, the goal isn’t recognition throughout the Internet. Instead, its all about getting top results for the community in which you live, reside, and choose to market your business. In this case, we wanted to attract searchers who were in his local community, provide quality information once they got there, and give then a reason to convert into paying customers. In many cases that means finding out who your client is, and what they are truly searching for. We then take those concepts and begin creating content around it.

What We Include In Content

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