“I really want to have quality content on my blog, and I love the idea of having a ghost blogger helping me put content together on a weekly basis. But does it matter what type of blog platform I use? I know you always talk about WordPress; what if I’m just connected up to a Blogger instead. Will that work too?” ~Robert

Great question Robert, one we get all the time.

Let me actually start the answer out with another question.

What Are Your Goals?

If you have a large following, and your main goal with your blog is to educate your current clientele, people that already know you and refer to your site on a regular basis anyway, any blog platform will do.

If, however, you have a goal to try and grow your business by attracting people through search engine rankings, it might be time for a change.what blogging platform is best

Blogger (and all other free blogging platforms out there) have some great features, but because they are free, they are limited at best. You usually have to go with one of their free templates, and can only have access to a small amount of items that give your blog posts traction in the eyes of Google.

But probably the biggest reason why using a free system like Blogger isn’t a great idea for a business comes down to ownership. Free is free; you’ll never completely own anything that you use for free. If Blogger decides to delete your account for any reason, all of your content and hard work is gone in an instant.

Also, when you build content and it begins paying off, your content will be connected to the Blogger URL, not your personal URL. Which means you’ll never drive traffic to your site – with your information and your sales potential – because all the traffic is being handed over to Blogger.



Instead of this:


I know there are many other systems out there. And in some cases, you may have created your site through a builder program that allows you to have a blog attached. Being able to add content is always a big bonus, and I would agree that having access to this feature will help your business overall.

Yet because of the many features a WordPress platform has, because of the plugins and opportunities that exist in the open source environment, and because of the ease of connection to search engines for SEO purposes, I find that WordPress is by far the most effective system on the market for small business owners today.

If you are growing your business, and have the desire to make an impression with your site and your content, choose WordPress.