Phone number. Check.

Business card. Check.

Website. Check.

When you originally had your website designed, was it simply to remove a checkmark from your to do list? Did you throw together a quick template website from one of those inexpensive services online, or hire the first designer you found just to have a little information there if people searched for you?

Many people start their businesses that way. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep it that way once you figure out what an amazing marketing tool your website can be.

If your website has always been “there”, and you don’t really think about it much, it might be time you did. Take a few moments and go through your website with these ideas in mind.

Would you buy from your site?Would You Buy From Your Site?

We’ve all opened up those really cheesy sites that you kind of laugh at, wondering why they are even up and running. They look like they are straight out of the 1990s, home made with no pizzazz. Put your trust in that company? No way. Its fun to laugh at if its someone else’s. Its not so funny if its yours.

Would you trust your site?

Looking at a site is one thing; making a commitment to calling or emailing, or filling out a form, or even using a shopping cart is something different. The further you expect people to go on your site, the better it needs to be. What on your site says “trust me”. Is it professional? Do you have links to organizations you belong to that build trust? Is it easy to operate?

Can you easily find things on your site?

Have you ever been on a site and hunted for something that should be fairly easy, yet is nowhere to be found? If you expect people to call you, your phone number should be on every page, in an easy to find place. If you want them to fill out a form, do you have a button on every page that easily connects to your form? Never expect your viewers to find things, make it easy to find and in abundance. You can’t overdo anything – people don’t want to hunt, they want ease

Does your site motivate you to want more?

On every page of your site, is there a reason for people to want more? Is it filled with content that leads them to more information, more decisions and more opportunity? You never want a viewer to become bored; there should always be another page to read, something else to learn, and another place to visit. If they can’t be motivated to click a button, they won’t be motivated to pick up the phone and call you.

Is it easy to connect with you on your site?

I once spoke with a business owner who didn’t want his phone number or his email on his site. He had a small form in case someone wanted to connect with him, but even that was hard to find. His reason – he didn’t want spam email or sales calls that pulled his number from online. If you’re in business and want customers, you have to make it easy for them to find you because they won’t hunt for your information. They will find someone else to do business with. Spam, sales calls and other issues are just part of doing business.

Is your site full of options?

What if a viewer doesn’t want to call you, can they visit your Facebook page? What if they don’t want one of your services, do they have other options? Not every potential client that visits your page is going to have the same wants and desires. Its your job to fully define all of your clients and make sure they are happy and have a trail to follow when they end up on your site. Think about each category of clientele you have and make sure you have content specifically for them. Make sure they know you have what they are looking for.

Does your site say what you really want it to say?

Who is your client? What are they searching for? What are their problems? How can you offer solutions? Its easy to think broad and generic when putting a site together. But in today’s world, a website can have dozens, even hundreds of pages all providing content to reach out to your ideal client. If you thought generically in the beginning when you first designed your site, its time to look at it in a new way. When every potential client comes to your site, they should be able to find specific information just for them; something that makes them say “wow” and “how do they know me so well”? This will boost up your exposure and your traffic, and help you start using your website as its truly meant to be used.