I was doing a little research this morning for a new client. We built a blog for them over a year ago. They liked the idea of growing their online referrals by reaching out and sharing information. They had good intentions of blogging regularly. But after one year – and six posts scattered across that one year period – they knew they didn’t have the time and effort to make a blog work. So they reached out for ghost blogging help. failing at blogging

As I started researching their industry, I found a few blogs in place amongst their competitors. And likewise, all of the blogs I found had a few posts scattered across a one year period of more.

Blogging works great if you work at blogging.

That’s really the secret.

Of course you need to understand keywording, how to create perfect titles, write about what people are truly searching for, and make your posts informative to the people who will read them.

But above all, you have to work at it. Regularly.

If you commit to blogging one a week, blog at the same time every week. Have more time? Add another day or two to your schedule.

I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years now, and the one thing that makes it work so well is commitment.

I keep a running file of ideas to blog on.
I write regularly and make time for writing.

I was talking with a photographer online the other day. She commented on one of my tips to gain more clients – I said to write blog posts every week. She stated she wasn’t a writer. I agree – not everyone is a writer.

But you don’t have to be a writer to communicate with your prospects and customers.

Grab a video camera and talk about what you do. Post that to YouTube and your blog, and you’ve just created a double strategy to reach out to new customers.

The key isn’t how much content, or how well its written. It’s how well you reach out to your customers, and give them what they truly want to read.

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