When most people think about adding content online, they think about doing so on their blogs. After all, your blog is the best place to bring people to have them begin to learn more about what you do.

Yet your blog isn’t the only place you can add content.

LinkedIn has been around for years. And if you ask most people what they do with their LinkedIn account, you’ll hear a variety of things:

  • It’s my resume
  • I look people up before meetings
  • I’ve joined a few groups and post my blog links there

Those are all great reasons to use LinkedIn, but there’s even more.

Why You Should Develop A Content Marketing Strategy For LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a publishing platform that allows you to create quality content with ease. When you’re on your home page within the LinkedIn community, you have three options: share an update, upload a photo, or publish a post. Choose publish a post, add your content, and you’re on your way. It’s that easy. And the more you build, the more it begins adding content to your profile, and helping you get noticed throughout the community.

LinkedIn had huge exposure

When a new post is published, it has the possibility of getting massive amounts of views. Posts can be viewed in several ways; they will be sent out to your follower list, and they will be circulated throughout the article section. The more people that view your post, the more action it receives. While not every post will be a winner, some can quickly give you hundreds, even thousands of views, meaning you extend your reach to an entirely new audience rapidly. Write specifically for the audience you are attempting to attract, and you’ll quickly start seeing the results.

LinkedIn provides Google results

Google loves fresh content, and rewards keyword specific articles that are posted within LinkedIn as well. Again, the key is targeting your audience and building specific titles that will attract attention not only within the LinkedIn community, but also will fit within what Google likes.

LinkedIn allows you to write what you choose

When you create a post on LinkedIn, its your content, you control the mood and the direction. While your posts should always be filled with quality content – would you want to read your posts – they should also provide direction. Link words throughout your post back over to your blog. Write a sentence at the end asking people to sign up for your newsletter. Remember, eyeballs are only good if you begin to develop a long-lasting relationship with those that read what you have to say.

Why You Should Develop A Content Marketing Strategy For LinkedIn

LinkedIn helps brand your business

While your business goals and direction may change over the years, your LinkedIn account can help you stay true to your brand and your direction. Be very specific with what you have to say. Think of your posts as a stepping stone leading people down the path to trust you and do business with you. If you read through the posts you’ve created, what type of picture do they give? Do they motivate people into action?

Where do you get great content for your LinkedIn account? The best content is original content. Posts don’t have to be long in size, but they should help reach out and educate your clientele in an easy way. Content is content; you can write it yourself, or you can hire a ghostblogger to help you with it. Either way, the more you use it, the better your traction in the online world.