What is the definition of a media company?

A media company is a company that is specialized in production and delivery of media, which can take the format of digital, audio, video, print or events.

And now more than ever, that describes every single person that ever decides to go into business for him or herself.

Don’t believe me?Why Every Single Business Owner Is Now Director Of A Media Company

Lets look at Jay. Jay went to chiropractic school five years ago, and after working for several other doctors over the past five years, has now decided to try things on his own.

He rents office space, sets up his work equipment, selects a name, creates business cards, pays for a phone line, and stands by the door waiting for business to come in or give him a call.

You’re laughing, right?

No one in today’s world would ever create a business and magically expect customers to come rolling in with just a phone line and a business card in hand.

So what would you tell Jay to do instead?

  • Build a website
  • Start up a Facebook page
  • Use video to show what an adjustment is really like
  • Hold an event once a month where people can learn about health
  • Offer a free report to share the pros of regular chiropractic visits
  • Send out postcards with a special URL for a video online

Oh, the ideas are really flowing now, right?

I bet you even had a few more things than are listed here. No matter what you added to the list, look at them one more time. What do they all have in common?

I bet they all share the concept of content in some manner.

Content is king. You’ve heard that phrase again and again. And if you’ve read any of my posts before, you know I say it again and again as well.

Any media company would die without content, and in today’s world, you are no exception.

You have to educate your potential customers. You have to teach them about what you have to offer. You have to keep your name in front of them again and again.

And if you don’t, your business will fail.

Which means as a business owner, you now have two jobs that should consume every hour you are in the business. The job of doing what you love – in Jay’s case, its being a chiropractor. And the job as media director – getting the word out there about what you do.

While only you can do the job you love (that’s what you’re in business for, right?), the job of media director can be worked in conjunction with people you know and trust.

No matter how you do it, never forget it has to be done. Daily. Every day.

Because without it, your business will die.