Why do you have a blog?

Chances are it’s to communicate with prospects and customers. Which also means that you’re hoping to grow your list of prospects and customers down the road. Tweak Your Blog To Get More Traction

The problem with most bloggers is they rely on a person to find their blog, and come back to it again and again in order to keep in contact. Think about that for a minute. Do you go back and visit blogs on a regular basis? I’m sure you have your favorites. I have about six I visit several times per week just to see what’s new. But the vast majority I may have found an interesting article at, but rarely head back to visit.

Your visitors are the same way. They may have found interest in your information, but after reading down the page, they found something else of interest, clicked around, and exited out of your blog.

How can you prevent that in the future?

Ask for people to sign up or subscribe to your list for future promotions. Not just at the top of the page, but throughout your blog, on different pages, and in different locations.

Let’s say you create a post “8 Tools For Busy Small Business Owners”. You provide reviews and links to great sites that can help out a business owner juggle the different aspects of running a business. At the end of the post, add another paragraph:

Liked these tips? Sign up and receive notification when we post more tips just like this one.

Your reader is already interested in what you’ve written. They’ve probably found value in it because they’ve read to the bottom. They may have missed the subscribe box at the top of the page – this gives them another opportunity when they may be even more committed to learning about you.

Don’t think of your blog as you would a traditional store. People won’t always come in at the top of your home page, look around, and enter out the same way they came in. They may come in through a reference in Google or from Twitter. They may enter a post that’s several months old. Always give them every opportunity to connect up with you, no matter how they find you and where they enter.