I had an interesting conversation with a person I met out networking today. I explained a little of what I do, and of course the subject of blogging came up.

First question was, “What is a blog?”

Second question was, “Why would you do that?”The Point In Blogging

I get that from a lot of people. Why would you keep writing up posts giving away solid information when you aren’t getting an immediate return? Is it really worth your time?

Your blog is an extension of your marketing program.

If you’ve been in business for a while now, chances are you do certain marketing items just to keep your name out there. Maybe you continually advertise in a community magazine. Maybe you send out newsletters. Whatever you do, you do it for the exposure. You do it to remain in the thoughts of those who know you.

The same applies to your blog. It’s a way to communicate directly with the people that know you, and want to learn more from you.

  • You can build up your expertise by giving niche related tips and strategies.
  • It’s a way to give current industry information out to your followers.
  • It’s a way to share information with the general public, and make connections with the media.
  • It’s a way to build up relationships with like minded people from all over the world.
  • It’s a way to build up your prospect list – all for free! (Okay, you do have to spend the time writing. But you can hire a ghost writer.)

When you market your business, you choose ways to connect with prospects and clients. Blogging is simply an easy, affordable way to market your business.

And the best part is whatever you do today, will continue to work for you years into the future. Who can say that about postcards?