I’ve been blogging now for around 9 years. For the first few years, I blogged mainly as a way to add content to my sites. I didn’t see the true benefit of blogging – only that it was a great platform for sharing information.

Around 2 years ago I started seeing blogging as its own unique platform. I started seeing how blogging was a perfect traffic generator, and how you can really have a profitable business that is solely built around your blog (or in my case, multiple blogs).

Over the past couple of years, I’ve discovered there are “laws” to blogging. Things that I’ve done over and over again that work every time. So I thought I’d share those Laws with you.The 21 Laws Of Blogging Success

So here are the 21 Laws Of Blogging Success:

Law 1 – Define your purpose before you start blogging. Are you trying to sell products? Services? Are you making money through affiliate links? Or do you simply want the traffic for future sales?

Law 2 – Don’t blog for your entire business structure – niche it. I work with many types of small businesses. But a small business blog is too generic. So I niche to photographers, bloggers, social media writers, wedding coordinators, etc.

Law 3 – Build one blog to success before starting in on another one. It’s easy to get completely overwhelmed when you have too much on your plate. Get one blog working before you dive into another.

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Law 4  – See your successes. It’s important to see one success in your blog each day. Sometimes it takes awhile to build, so its important to congratulate yourself for each success. One comment, a retweet on Twitter, one person signing up for a free report, or moving down the Alexa rankings are all something to be celebrated.

Law 5 – Identify a problem. In almost every industry you can find a blog that reaches out to your target market. Your job is to reach out differently. Identify one problem your clients and prospects are having, and blog all about that.

Law 6 – Make sure your clients and prospects have a desire to fix the problem. I have one client who has a wonderful niche market dealing with a “habit”. Her business has been decreasing steadily over the past year because during this recession, people enjoy this “habit” and really don’t want to let it go. We found a way to change her focus just a little to start building up her business again.

Law 7 – Find something you can deliver that people can get excited about. You have to have excitement about what you offer before your clients will get equally excited. Love what you offer, and talk about it all the time.

Law 8 – Gain confidence. So many people say they hate writing, or have nothing to say. If you’re truly passionate about what you do, you should have an endless supply of things to say.

Law 9 – Become the expert. Being an expert doesn’t mean you know everything. It simply means you’re in tune with the industry, and know where to get the best information and the best resources.

Law 10 – Always give great value. The more you give, the more people will want.

Law 11 – Be truthful. Don’t ignore rumors and bad comments. Meet them head on. If someone is vocal on your blog about something they don’t like, explain yourself and move on.

Law 12 – Never ask for money in the beginning. People find you in a lot of ways. Always give first, ask for money second.

Law 13 – Have an opinion. Don’t just agree with everyone – make a stand. Give a few points on why you believe the way you do, and set the line.

Law 14 – Blogging isn’t about gaining a ton of traffic. It’s about gaining the right traffic.

Law 15 – It’s not all about you. Give links to other sites. Talk about other people in the industry. Give resources for other businesses that offer complementary items. People will find it on their own in this era of searching. Don’t ignore it, just be the expert.

Law 16 – Don’t be perfect – there is no such thing online. Just start it, do it every day, and modify all the time.

Law 17 – Look to new media. Everyone can benefit from showing photographs or videos. Don’t have any yourself? Try stock houses or YouTube – you’re sure to find something that can showcase what you do in a different light.

Law 18 – It’s all about the relationships. Make sure you stay on track to continue to build those relationships.

Law 19 – Test the waters. Blogging offers you instant feedback. If you want to try something new, ask for opinions. People will instantly tell you how they feel.

Law 20 – Watch other industry leaders. They may have great ideas you can piggy back off of. Don’t be afraid to combine forces with other leaders.

Law 21 – Reinvent yourself. Whatever you are doing today can be changed for tomorrow. Constantly grow and look for new ideas.