How To Motivate, Captivate, Inform and Inspire
You and Your Organization
With a GREAT Presentation!

If you have the need for a presentation that will encourage you and your associates to take action, be prepared to meet one of the greatest teams in the business world today.

Andrew Osterberg and Lori Osterberg have spent the last 20 years living an entrepreneurial lifestyle. It all started with Eyes On Photography Inc. Eyes On Photography grew out of a love for photography, and a desire to provide clients with top quality service. After growing sales 430% in one year, winning numerous marketing and photography awards, designing an award winning website, and creating one of the premier virtual businesses in the 1990’s, they began taking their ideas to a broader audience.

Knowing that other people were struggling to get their small business off the ground, and understand the nuances of how both a traditional and an Internet marketing plan can take a small business to the national level, Andrew and Lori created a new company, Vision Business Concepts Inc., to teach the joys of marketing to the masses through writing, classes and presentations. They bring their fresh ideas to audiences in a fast-paced and enthusiastic method. They have the knowledge and the know-how to help small businesses in any industry understand the power of marketing.

Either together or separate, they carry their message creatively to their audiences. Andrew currently assists many small businesses with their website design, and incorporates backend design processes with easy-to-understand online marketing ideas. Lori is reaching the masses by mentoring business owners one-on-one; writing for several online newsletters, publications and trade journals on small business marketing; and through her training materials and classes. Together, they bring the nuances of TheSocialGhost.com to life.

To book an appearance with Andrew, Lori, or a combination of the two before your group, call 303.578.2450. Or email them at info@VisionOfSuccess.com.