About Us Page Content

Did you know the second most visited page on your website is your About Us page?

That’s because people like to know whom they are thinking of doing business with.

When they first come into your site, they look around at your content, your photographs, and your ideas. Something you say starts a spark deep inside, and they begin to wonder if you are the right person for the job.

So they start investigating a little further. They want to know who you are, how you got started in the business, and what sets this company apart from all the others.

If they find the right answers, they move forward.

If not, they head down another path.

So take a moment and look at your About Us page through the eyes of your client. What do they see? What do they read about you?

Studies also show that one of the most difficult pages of content to write is your About Us page. Nobody likes to brag, talk about themselves, or “toot their own horn”. Yet if you don’t, who will?

Your About Us page can be the difference between booking new clients, and having long, quiet days. If you aren’t enticing them and bringing in new clients regularly with your site, isn’t it about time you did?

Here’s how it works:

1. I’ll head online, and see what people are saying about you. Between your website and the many social sites in existence today, I can get a pretty good feel for your industry, and how you fit into it.

2. I’ll also ask you to provide me with answers to a few questions I have. Provide me with as much or as little feedback as you are comfortable with.

3. I’ll get to work, and create a dynamic About Us page that puts you in the best light. I’ll write until I have exactly what I’m looking for, and then pass it along to you to get your seal of approval. Here’s what one of my clients had to say:

“I can’t believe how you made me sound. I want to hire myself!”
~ Priscilla

4. Get the final copy to your web designer to place into your new About Us page. And if you are currently using a WordPress blog format, I’d be happy to do it for you – at no extra cost.

Your Investment: $300
Our Introductory Price: $250 for a limited time!