Do you like to read IRS publications? (If you’re not from America and haven’t had the pleasure, you can gladly visit the IRS website and browse to your hearts content. 😉 )

Not very exciting stuff, right? It’s all written up in a very clinical, technical way. If you ever have trouble getting to sleep at night, you could easily grab a publication and make your way through the dry, boring, dull, (insert adjective here) words and have no trouble falling asleep almost immediately.

When people read rules, regulations, policies and such, they expect it to be a chore to get to the desired results. (You don’t read that stuff for fun, right?)Purpose Driven Content – Are You Filling Your Blog With The Right Stuff?

This information has a purpose; but the purpose is based on a requirement we have to complete a task necessary to stay in business or to be a member of our society. The IRS knows the outcome is up to us – we must decipher its meanings and comply; it doesn’t have to worry about clear messages or exciting material to bring us back to their site over and over again.

As a business owner, our goals are the exact opposite.

When we write content or communicate through a variety of different media sources, we create purpose driven content to:

  • attract people and grow our prospect base,
  • to bring in leads, to nurture those leads and educate them in a variety of ways,
  • which hopefully will eventually pave the way to a sale,
  • and ultimately build a strong relationship that will retain that customer for life.

Purpose driven content:

  • Acknowledges real world problems our prospects and customers have, and shows solutions to the problems.
  • Showcases the personality of the expert or person in authority – the person that will ultimately form a bond with the clients and prospects within the company’s circle of influence.
  • Finds a fresh and inspiring way to look at the topic – especially if it’s covered again and again in a variety of ways.
  • Is interesting to read and fun to share.

If the people in your network look forward to what you do, your relationship will be strong overall and will help you build a successful company over time.

As a business owner, you’ve probably taken one of three paths up until now.

1. You’ve ignored it all and created nothing. Minus a small 3-5 page website you’ve had up for years, you’ve never thought about content.

2. You know content is important and have tried your best to add content. But your last blog post was from six months ago, you’ve posted three times on your Facebook feed, and every time you look at your account you start to worry wondering how you’ll ever know what to talk about.

Or you are like the third business owner.

3. He knows purpose driven content will guide him into a successful future. Purpose driven content is at the top of his mind every week, making sure he posts content to his blog that people want to read and want to share. He knows social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter are the future of his marketing strategy, so he invests time there every day. He knows how important it is to provide the right content at the right time, and he makes it his number one marketing priority every day.

“Purpose driven content wins every time.”

The only question now is where it fits in your marketing priorities.