Are you a planner or a doer?

Planners like to have things laid out in front of them, leaving nothing to chance. They have a list of blog titles months in advance to help keep them on track.

Doers do things off the hip; if its time to write a blog post today, they pull a title from something currently happening, and go with the flow.How To Keep A Long Term Content Marketing Strategy Fresh

The key in both cases is the content itself. While the process used in coming up with content can vary widely, the actual process of making it a regular event is the most important of all. If you calendar anything, it should be to post once (or twice, or three times) a week, not necessarily what you’ll write about.

Because we all know the writing process can be difficult. If you’ve blogged about your business for years, how can you possibly come up with more to say about it now? How can you keep from growing bored?

Create a topic list, not a title list

I’ve blogged for years, written thousands of posts, and had my share of writers block. For some clients, it may help to have titles written up in advance to help keep me on track with what to say. For others, I’ve found a general list of topics to be a much better approach. For example, for a real estate agent, I may have a blog topic list that looks like this:

February blog topics:

  • 2 posts on moving tips
  • 2 posts on buying single family homes
  • 2 posts on buying new condos
  • 2 posts on buying horse property

This method helps me communicate with the client on specials or areas of focus for the upcoming month, and at the same time gives me flexibility to watch what’s in the news, or find things relevant without tying myself in to exact titles. Its flexible to add a little personality, yet be able to add relevant news topics in the event things occur in the community.

Answer questions

Have you ever been out networking, walked into a friendly get together, or even answered the office phone, and had someone say, “What do I do if…” or “How do i…”? Of course you have. Once people know what you do, you’ll be the resident expert, the go to person whenever they have a problem. A plumber will always have to answer questions about drain clogs, just like a doctor will continually be asked what to do “if this hurts”. Its just human nature.

The thing is if one person asks you this question, hundreds of other people wish they could ask it too. Track them. Write them up. Publish them. Then think about them.

How Do I Unclog My Drain?

That’s a perfect title. But when you think about it, even if know one has asked you (yet) other questions, you can probably guess what they’ll be.

Why Is My Drain Clogged?

What Cleaner Is Best To Unclog A Drain?

Are Kitchen Clogs Different Than Bathroom Clogs?

And the list goes on and on.

Start at the beginning

The thing is we all have to start at the beginning. With every product or service you sell, the very first time a person makes contact with you, they will be starting out with basic questions and needs. These are perfect ideas to lead newbies through the door.

If you blog about real estate, you know a brand new client who has never bought a house before is going to have basic needs.

Five Things To Do Before You Start Looking For The Perfect Home

Ten Things New Home Buyers Need To Know

Seven Things Most Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You

These can be some of your most popular posts, especially if you have a lot of new clients visiting your site.

While there isn’t a magic formula for creating content, there is a pattern to success. Having a long term content marketing strategy that allows you to change and grow along the way will ensure the success you have online is always growing.