How are you marketing your plumbing business? It’s nice to say your business is structured around referrals, but referrals can only generate so much business. To grow as a plumbing business, you need fresh leads that turn into paying customers every single day. And while some of them may come from referrals, in truth having a solid marketing plan in place that generates leads every day is a much surer thing.How A Website Content Writer Can Help Your Plumbing Business

How should you focus your energy to create a solid lead generating system? The Internet of course. And the top strategy that will help people connect with you and help you build solid relationships over time is through content.

A website content writer understands that a website’s job isn’t just to “sell” what you do. Its about education. Its about answering questions. Its about entertaining. Its about building relationships. If you hire the write website content writer, you’ll quickly discover your “simple” website can become a lead generating machine.

What can a website content writer do for you?

Create content on a regular basis

Imagine sending one postcard in the mail to all your prospective plumbing customers and expect it to work for you for the next three years. Silly, right? Yet that’s what most plumbers do when they build a website and leave it sit for three years until they decide to update their service or add another page. In today’s online world, content rules who is visible online. The more content you write, the more it gets shared on the social sites, and the more visible it becomes in search engine results on places like Google. If you want to gain clients online, you have to have content being fed into your website on a regular basis. That’s where a great website content writer can come into play.

Provide advice on how to market online

If you hire a copywriter who has built a career around writing for more traditional marketing methods, they’ll be great at writing copy, but might not understand how to do so for the online world. A great website content writer knows that to gain traction online, you have to write for the online world. That means understanding things like SEO, and keywords, and social media. Writing isn’t just about the words; it’s also about the structure of the content to make sure it can gain traction and help you do what you do best.

Help you target your clientele

You may be the expert at all things plumbing, but that doesn’t equate to being able to tell your clients why they should choose you over your competition. A great website content writer knows how to make you stand out with the words. They understand how to pull people in by providing content written for what they are searching for. They work with you to determine who you want to target, and how best to reach out and help convert them from searchers, to followers, to buyers.

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