Small businesses and the business owner are often known in the community as one and the same. When your customers think about doing business with your company, they picture talking and working directly with you.

It’s a part of the deal when its just you operating the business.Blog Writing 101: Why You Don’t Have To Write All The Content For Your Small Business Blog

Yet that can become difficult when you try and do all the jobs required to run a small business. If you did everything on your own, you would wind up working 24 hours a day.

Which is why many business owners start handing off jobs they may not be good at or don’t enjoy, to add more time into their busy days to do the things they do enjoy.

When you hire out certain tasks, you don’t have to hand over the job entirely and never think about it again. Instead, you hand over the pieces that are more difficult for you, or simply aren’t in your area of expertise, and rely on the help of another business owner – a friend instead.

Take accounting for instance. That’s one of the biggest tasks a business owner hands over to another business. Yet you don’t give it away and never think about it again. Instead, you develop a partnership with your accountant. You might perform data entry, and hand over access to your QuickBooks account so your accountant can create your taxes. They provide you with reports and other materials along the way to keep you well informed about how the business is running. They just do the stuff you don’t enjoy, while providing you with the results that mean the most to you.

Blog writing can work in much the same manner. By using a high quality blog writer – a ghost blogger – you can have quality content added to your blog and social accounts on a regular basis, without having to dedicate the time to create it. Its written as if it comes from you, and provides information that your readers truly care about. It adds quality to your business value, and lets your readers develop a relationship with what you have to say.

How does a blog writer know what to write? How do they write as if they were you?

If you hire a quality blog writer, they ask the right questions to determine your business focus. They learn your personality, how you communicate with your audience, and develop an online persona that closely resembles your own.

But remember, you can read it, you can change it, you can add to it, because it’s yours. It gives you a starting point, and allows you to branch out and communicate in a whole new way.

The closer you work with your blog writer, the more you share about your business, the closer they will match the way you talk with your clientele.

Will your clients notice the difference? Nope. A good blog writer will write as if they were you. And if you are monitoring it, it becomes a part of how you do business. Together, you can reach out and touch more potential clients than you ever could alone.