More companies than ever are using a Blog Writer to keep their blogs filled with quality content. But how do you know if a blog writer is right for your business? What can a blog writer do for you?blog writer

1.Keep your blog up to date. Have you ever been out to a blog, only to find out it hasn’t been posted to in months? What’s your first reaction? If its like most people, you back out as quickly as possible. If they can’t stay up to date on the content on their blog, who knows how well they are doing at business.

Blogging is the best way to capture attention online. Yet it’s also the easiest way to lower your reputation. You have to stick with it and fill it with quality content. What’s your goal with your blog? Is it to build a persona around one member of the team? Or is it there to fill up with quality content to capture attention in the search engines? Either way, hiring a blog writer can guarantee you results on a regular basis.

2. Answer questions
. What do people do when they head to the search engines? Usually it’s to find an answer to a question. A blog writer can provide the answers in your blog, capture attention in the search engines, and have people enter your site because of the answers you provide.

3. Develop a following. Millions of people blog every day. But only a small portion of those are doing it for business. Yes, the business portion is growing as more people learn of the advantages. But if you create a quality blog now, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition, and be developing a following of people from around the world – people that like what you do and will probably buy from you now or at some point in the future.

4. Share facts. Remember, your blog isn’t about selling, it’s about sharing. A blog post is meant to share helpful information around your product, service or industry – not attempting to sell it. If you sell a liquid drain cleaner, a post entitled, “How Do I Unclog a Drain?” or “Why Does My Drain Smell Bad?” will lead them to the conclusion your product can help them accomplish the job. If your product is green, you can incorporate facts that make green cleaners better than more traditional ones. The facts point to your product; your post confirms you are the expert and the one to trust in this field.

5. Build a persona. Different businesses have different personas. An estate lawyer will take on an entirely different persona than a stand up comedian. A bog writer understands this, and works to discover how you want to convey your message to your audience. You are still in control – you still have final say over your content. A blog writer simply gives you the time and freedom to do what you best, while reaping the benefits of having quality content added to your site on a regular basis.