Do you have a marketing strategy? Of course. Every business has a specific way of attracting the right people to their business. Without an effective marketing strategy, you wouldn’t be in business long.

But when it comes to the online portion of your marketing strategy, do you have a content marketing strategy in place?Are These 5 Things Missing From Your Content Marketing Strategy?


Studies show that less than half of all marketers think about their online content, and those that do, far less ever document their publishing strategy at all.

Content is king. And if you want to find success in how your content works for your business, start by using these ideas to refine and improve your strategy starting today.

1. Maintain and Optimize

Think you can put up a blog post and never think about it again? Think again. Your published content is an asset to your business. It will work for you now and well into the future, for as long as it remains visible online. Far too many organizations publish and forget. Instead, watch your content. What posts are viewed? What is searched? How can you add more to popular posts to make them even more relevant? How can you optimize it to make it even more user friendly? Editing never takes as long as creating, which means a simple maintenance routine can be built into your workweek easily. Simply by providing more of what your visitors want, you can increase the traffic – and the connection – with what people want most.

2. Use Content Again

Your published content can be used in a variety of ways. Blog posts can become newsletters. Or guest posts on other sites. Or landing pages. Or white papers. Because content is one of the best assets you own, remember to utilize it in different ways to attract new clients. For example, 30 blog posts can easily be converted into an ebook that can be used in an advertising campaign. If you build the idea into a strategy, your posts can come together in an easier way.

3. Workflow

Content isn’t always created and posted immediately. Sometimes it must go through review, through legal and compliance, or even directed towards specific team members for them to have marketing tools in place. Consider how the process will work, and bring each player of the team together so they understand how to work together. The more the process moves without you, the quicker the end results can occur.

4. Paid Promotion

Yes, social works. But if you really want to be where your potential customers are, you may have to push your content through paid promotion. Paid promotion isn’t going to win every time, and it’s not a substitute for building your foundation organically. However, being where your target market is in many different capacities can sometimes bring in extraordinary results.

5. Measurement

How does your content measure up in your overall marketing strategy? How does it aid in bringing in new customers? In all cases, monitoring, testing and reviewing the process is mandatory to stay on track.

Do you have a content marketing strategy in place?