7 Signs Its Time To Invest In A Blog Writing Service

I was at a networking function the other day, and I had a “what do you do” conversation that was fairly typical.

Anne introduced herself as a medical professional – specifically counseling – and went on to describe her typical client.

I introduced myself as a ghost blogger.

Anne immediately got the value of blogging. She had a custom designed WordPress blog created for her two years ago, and she had been trying to blog on a regular basis.

We parted ways. And as commonplace, when I got back to my office, I began to do a little research on the contacts I had made.

I pulled up Anne’s website, and found a beautiful site. She did a lot of things right with her design. But clicking on her blog, I found her true problem.

Her last blog entry was two weeks before our meeting. The post before that – two months earlier. In fact, in the first eight months of the year, she only had 6 blog posts, 3 of them created in the first two weeks of the year.

Yes, she was a good writer. Yes, she had some quality content there.

But it simply wasn’t doing her any good as a marketing tool. If you don’t blog regularly, if you don’t speak about what your clients want to hear, they will never find you. And your marketing tool is a wasted resource.

Sound familiar?

Its definitely time for Anne to step up her game, and hire a blog writing service to help supplement her writing and give her marketing a boost. Here are several other signs it may be time for you to invest in a blog writing service too.

1. Your posts all sound the same

It’s easy to get caught in the “I only do one thing” syndrome when you can’t see past your basic services. Every business is different, every service you have has numerous aspects to it, and every product can be written about in different ways. It may just take a professional to pull all of that out and use it in new ways.

2. Timing

Look at your posts. Do you create a new one on a regular basis? Or are you like Anne, seeing large gaps between your content? Nothing can turn off a potential client more than seeing those large gaps in content. They want to know you’re “alive” and out there educating on a regular basis.

3. Writing is a struggle

Are you the type that can write one or two sentences before drawing a blank and start wondering what else to say? Everyone has their specialty – what they do best. And if writing isn’t one of those things, its time to hand off the responsibility to someone that can.

4. You don’t know how

Sometimes blogging is a struggle because you simply don’t understand all of the nuances that go into it. Do you know how to craft engaging titles? Do you know how to come up with content people want to read? Do you find photos and videos that help engagement? Do you use SEO properly? Blogging is an art form that can be learned, or it can be given to a professional that already has the skills and expertise to do the job right the first time.

5. Your business savvy

Small business owners find ways of doing a whole bunch of things quickly and efficiently themselves. That way you get things done the right way, and at the lowest cost possible. Unfortunately, many things also get left by the wayside in the process. If you do something very well, continue to do it very well. And hand over the things you aren’t quite as sure of that can get you results and make your life easier in the process.

6. Nobody can do it but me

A lot of professionals feel nobody can blog about their subject matter quite like they do. And that’s true. They have their own unique experience, and know their clientele better than anyone. That’s where your blog posts can be great additions along side of a professional ghost blogger’s. As a professional, we look at your blog as a marketing tool. We learn what your prospects are searching for, and research to find the answer that meets their needs. We work with you to understand your content, your experience, and your specialization, then write posts to share your ideas in such a way that makes your prospects want to take the next step with you. Our goal isn’t to divulge your intimate secrets; it’s to attract potential customers. And as a blog writing service, we do that well.

7. Burnt out

It happens to the best of us. You’ve been overly busy, overly stimulated, and you just need time to do something else. Yet if your income depends on your business, you can’t just abandon your marketing and expect to stay in business. This is when its time to call in the professionals, and let a blog writing service keep up your marketing while you spend your time refreshing and trying new things.

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