With today’s technology, you can shoot images everywhere you go. From pictures of your family, friends and business associates, to what you had for dinner, there is a time and place to share a lot of what you do each day.

But some of it comes from knowing how to capture images that will add to the interest of your blog and social sites – not just bore them to tears.

As with any art form, whether you are a professional photographer or not, the most successful way to start using photographs more is to watch how other people use them. Follow those around you and take their lead. If you like an idea, write it down and use it too.

Here are a few tips that will help you develop your photography talent – and convert what you learn into more readable, more likeable and more sharable blog content.

1. Get in close

Most people shoot from the hip, meaning they stand where they are and photograph everything in front of them. Then when you see the image, your focus is a little tiny dot in the center of the image, with a ton of content all around it. When you take images, take a few steps closer and really focus in on what you want people to see.

5 Ways Your Photography Can Teach You More About Blogging

The same applies to your blog posts. What do you want people to learn from reading a post? If they can’t describe the content in one or two sentences, you’ve made your post to broad. A great blog post will allow someone to learn one distinct thing that they can take with them and implement right away.

2. Look for interesting angles

When most people take a photograph, they shoot what is directly in front of them, often missing the true beauty of what’s around them. It’s okay to snap the quick picture of what’s in front of you. Then stop and look around. What does it look like if you lie on the ground and look up? What if you turn around and capture the attention all around you? Be creative and look for the unusual.

Looking For Interesting Angles In Your Blog Post Writing

Likewise, create blog posts that are on “boring” topics and give them an exciting twist. I once wrote a blog post the reason you need to purchase business insurance. Instead of titling it “Why You Should Buy Insurance For Your Business”, I created an interesting angle – “How To Lose A Million Dollars In 3 Seconds” and provided a detailed story about how you can lose it all … in 3 seconds of course.

3. Choose the right background

If you photograph your subject from one angle, you may fill the background with all kinds of things: telephone poles, cars, a parking lot, trash cans. But if you turn around and face the other way, you may end up with a beautiful portrait. Sometimes improving your image can be as simple as taking a walk around your subject and looking at it from all angles. Too much detail and noise can detract from the real purpose of your photograph.

Your blog post can end up to busy as well. What do you want your reader to walk away with when they finish reading your post? Don’t muddy it up with too much content. Provide the necessary elements to define what a person needs to know before they draw the same conclusions you are making in your post.

4. Tell a story

A snapshot freezes the moment. But a well thought out picture tells a story. By taking a quick glance at the image you create or use, it should convey all that you want to educate your readers about.

5 Ways Your Photography Can Teach You More About Blogging

The same holds true with what you write. I can give you a quick paraphrase about an idea or a benefit I want you to know about. But if I tell you a story about how someone used my product or service, or how something made their life better, you’ll get more involved in the final outcome. And you’ll want the final outcome for yourself as well.

5. Watch for opportunities

Interesting things happen around us every day. You may be caught up in the middle of a trending news story, or find something relevant to what’s happening in your community today. Some of the most memorable photos of all time were caught in the middle of the action. If you happen to be in the right place at the right time, use it to your advantage.

The same applies to your content. As a businessperson, you are privy to information that others may not be aware of. Use that to your advantage. Showcase your expertise and write about everything you do know. Include the details and drop hints and opportunities along the way. Keep your audience excited about what you have to offer, and looking forward to what you can provide in the future.