Email 1

Hi Mary,

Aren’t quizzes amazing? They can dive deeper into your psyche and tell you something more about who you really are.

But I don’t need to tell you that. I’m guessing quizzes are your thing. After taking our Podopolo Quiz yesterday, your results revealed your archetype is William ShakesHear. That means while you might not be the loudest person in the crowd, you stand up for the things you truly believe in.

For you, podcasts are a way to learn and a way to grow. You’re loyal to the standard shows you listen to each week, but you’re not afraid to dive into something new.

Because you appreciate podcasts a step away from the norm, I have a few you might be interested in checking out.

In the arts, why not give Sips, Suds, & Smokes a try? It’s a way to discover new things about wine, whiskey, nearly anything distilled, tea, coffee, beer, mead, cigars, smoked meats, and more beer. We taste and rate things along with our signature and unique rating system.

Do you love all things health-related? We suggest listening to This Podcast Will Kill You. While it might not actually kill you, it covers so many things that can. Each episode tackles a different disease, from its history, to its biology, and finally, how scared you need to be.

Maybe you love new technology. You can discover a whole new world in What Bitcoin Did. Podcast host Peter McCormack talks to experts in the world of Bitcoin. From developers to investors, journalists to Bitcoin company CEOs, you will learn about everything that is happening in the world of Bitcoin.

Okay, William ShakesHear, it’s time to start listening. Which new podcast will you start listening to now?

Email 2

Hi Mary,

Thanks for taking the first step in turning your ideas into a revenue stream. Podcasting truly is an effective way to build an audience that not only enjoys what you have to say, but can pay you healthily for it too.

Yet before you’re trending as a top podcast, you have to grow your audience base first. And that can be a daunting task when your mom is the only listener you currently have.

Where do you start?

Luckily, you have the team here at Podopolo to help you along. We’ll guide you every step of the way – just watch your email for more invaluable tips.

To build an effective platform, start with what we affectionately call the Three P’s.

Promote – This may seem almost obvious, but to grow a larger audience, it requires you to talk about your podcast. Promote it everywhere. Social media is a great way to expand your audience base. Tag your quests every time you share new episodes. Make hashtags specifically for your podcast, and be liberal in sharing them. You can even have fun with short audio clips, using them to tease people to listen to what you have to say.

Partner – Rather than being afraid of the leaders in your genre, why not partner up with them instead? Successful show hosts were once newbies too, and fully understand that collaboration is critical in building a larger audience. If you have a compelling story, or have complimentary conversations you think another podcast host may enjoy, why not team up and create a podcast you both can share and promote?

Present – The most popular podcasts are the ones where the hosts are present and really want to share. You can tell it in the way they communicate with their audience. You can hear it in the topics they choose to investigate. They pay attention to what their audience wants, and deliver it every time. What are you passionate about? Why moved you to create your own podcast? Remember that every single time you sit down and plan, create, and promote your shows.

Your audience will reward you every time.