What Could You Be Doing Instead Of Blogging?

You know it’s important. Quality counts. Now there’s an easy way to have readable, engaging content written for you to motivate your audience and make them want more!


Creating high-quality blog content can easily suck hours out of your weekly schedule. You know how important blogging is as an entrepreneur, consultant, or service professional. You might even have had results both in SEO and with your viewers. But managing it all? That’s where things get difficult.


At TheSocialGhost, we handle the content creation and posting; you get all of the credit. We provide you with a dedicated blogging partner, a human being with demonstrated English skills, who will write high-quality blog posts you’ll be excited to share with your prospects and clients. They are created with your thoughts, ideas, specials, and promotions in mind, based on your preferences.


We’re blogging specialists that’s all we do!


How Does It Work?

Step One

Book your discovery call with us so we can learn more about what you do and determine if we are a good fit for one another.

Step Two

We have a strategy meeting to understand who your client is, what goals you have for your blog, and get a clear picture of your results in the past. We create a detailed plan for what content we’ll be producing for the first month. We repeat this process regularly to ensure we’re creating the perfect content for your needs.

Step Three

We get to work creating content written especially for you.


Due to the personalized nature of our service, we only have the capacity to take on two new clients each month. Rest assured that when your category is filled within your target demographics, we will never work with your competitors. Getting you results will be our highest priority.

Why Use TheSocialGhost?

Your Content Is Yours
Unlike other forms of marketing, once a blog is posted on your site, it’s yours. It can keep working and marketing for you as long as your site is up and running.

Crafted To Your Needs
Every post is well thought out for both connecting to your prospects and customers, as well as attracting attention in the search engines.

Highly Professional Posts
If you’ve ever paid a low fee to a “blog post mill”, you know how important quality is. Every post we create is well thought out and grammatically correct. You’ll never think twice about displaying the content you receive.

English Is Our First Language
Have you ever read a post where you spent more time picking out the errors then you did focusing in on the content? Our writers speak and write English as their first language, and have skills as competent and motivating writers.

You Decide How Much We Do
Want your posts filtered to your social media accounts? Want a hand in how the content is created? Think of us as your blogging team. We’re here to ensure your goals are met.

We Become A Part Of Your Team
Because you’ll work with your own dedicated writer, they’ll learn the ins and outs of your business. We’ve worked with some of our clients for years, and are an integral part of their team.

We Build Systems To Add Value
Are you building a business you hope to sell? This adds value to your strategy. Content and marketing are all handled for you, to help get you results.

Create Time
How many times have you wished you could have a more robust website and blog? How many times have you stared at the screen wondering how you’ll get it all done? Your SocialGhost blogger will have it posted to your account without you having to think about it ever again.

More Than A Virtual Assistant
You can hire virtual assistants and customer service reps to help you operate your business. We do one thing – blog for you – and we make sure it’s the highest quality original content you’ll be proud to share.

We Do Not Hire Cheap Labor
Hiring overseas contractors for a buck an article sounds like a good deal – until you read their content. Using content you “buy” from other cheap resources is often duplicate content at best. Do you want your customers reading the same content on several different sites? Or have Google ban you for the process?

It’s Time To Build Your Team

If you’re building a lucrative business, you already know the importance of building your team. You can’t do it all on your own; you need to work with people you can trust. Think of us as your content generator. Our clients like what we do so much, they often take their content and use it in newsletters, brochures, even presentations they give to their local clubs.

What Could You Do With The Time?
How many times have you thought about blogging, but something else comes up? How many times have you blogged with no idea what to say? How many times have you created content hoping it has the power to attract new clients – you’re just not sure? What could you be doing instead?

What People Are Saying About The Social Ghost

“Before I began using TheSocialGhost’s ghost blogging service, my company was difficult to find on the web. Now, I am on page one of many searches. I now get calls from potential clients that I did not get before. What I like most about the ghost blogging service is that I don’t have to do a thing. It is all automatically taken care of by TheSocialGhost. My business has grown substantially since I started using TheSocialGhost. It has been a good investment in the growth of my company. I only wish I had started doing it sooner. Thanks TheSocialGhost!”
Ryan Pierce, CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning

“As a small chiropractic office, I wear many different hats throughout my busy days. I knew my best place to reach out and find new customers was in the online world. But without a lot of time on my hands, I had no idea where to start. TheSocialGhost almost immediately helped me gain traction in Google. I now rank under a variety of keywords, and have connected with people well beyond my reach with my more traditional marketing methods. The posts TheSocialGhost writers create for me are always professional, and I’ve used the content in so many other ways … like posting to my Facebook page. Ghost blogging works. I’ve used it for years and will continue to do so.”
Dr Jason Watts, Watts Chiropractic

“I knew there was no way I could blog on a regular basis, and run my business at the same time. So I used TheSocialGhost’s ghost blogging services. In just a few short months, I’ve seen a ton of traffic come to my blog, I’m coming up high on search engines for my keywords, and my business is booming!”
Howie Metz, Quality 1st Plumbing

“Your ghost blogging service is the best. I love to blog, but in the heart of my busy season I can get overwhelmed. It is nice knowing you’ll be posting for me and I can fill in when I have the time. I’m still reaching out to my customers with content I know they will love, and I can add what I want as time permits. Thanks Lori.”
Bryan, freelance photographer

Why Trust TheSocialGhost

Our specialty is blogging. We’re not just another marketing firm or ad agency who will try and sell you on every platform out there. You hire us for a very specific skill, and we deliver.


We Know How Frustrating Bad Content Is. When you work with us, your writer will work to develop your voice, and write in a way that speaks directly to your prospects and clients. We only use English as a first language writers, and ensure every post is of the highest quality.


One Less Thing To Worry About. After all, you’ve been trying to keep up with your blog for years. But when you only post every few weeks – or months – you’ll never see the results. We also ensure they are posted to your social accounts using the highest quality content and imagery.


Unlike Other Digital Marketing Companies. If you’ve looked for help before, you’ve probably been shocked at the price. The stuff you get for free or pennies on the dollar is content you’d never want on your site. And with most digital marketing firms, they aren’t willing to talk to you unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How Much?

Our fee is dependent on your business and how much you want us to do.


We’ll talk about that in our discovery meeting and identify all of the variables. In most cases, we create four high-quality posts per month, written with both SEO and human readability in mind. Our articles are in-depth content ranging around 1,200 to 1,500 hundred words per article – perfect to qualify you as an “expert” to both your readers and with Google. We include links as appropriate, and produce high-quality images to complement your content.


Most SocialGhost clients pay $1995 USD per month to handle content creation and social media posting.


To keep our service personalized, we can only make this offer to a small clientele base each month. As such, we only accept applicants who will benefit from our help.


If you know how beneficial high-quality content is in your online marketing strategy, look no further than TheSocialGhost.

Each month, we can only add two new clients because we work hard to tailor this service to meet your needs.


If you’ve ever wished you had a blogger on your team to help you reach out and attract new business online, look no further. Click the link to book your discovery call so we can learn more about what you do and determine if we’re a good fit for one another.