Tired of bleeding gums, stinky breath,
and painful dentist visits?

Discover why dental health doesn’t start inside your mouth.
Instead … it starts in your stomach.

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What if there was an easy way to eliminate dental problems for good?

Scientists from John Hopkins University discovered an ancient secret quite by accident that has shocked the medical world. The ancient African Hazda tribe used a simple ritual to effortlessly keep their gums free of infection and teeth cavity-free.

After careful investigation, scientists found the “one thing” almost all of us are doing wrong when it comes to dental health. In fact, we are doing it up to 6 times per day! (And most of us have no idea we’re doing it.)

Unlike changing toothbrushes, adjusting our toothpaste, flossing, or even scheduling one more dental visit, this ancient secret works on a deeper level, getting to the core of our health problems …

And it won’t take more than a few seconds of our time.

You see, this isn’t about toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, or even regular cleanings at your dentist’s office.

The health of our mouth doesn’t start in our mouth. Instead, it starts in our body.

Confused? Sound too good to be true?

Then I urge you to pay attention to this presentation.

Because I’m going to reveal what our modern world has cost us. And it’s something scientists are only starting to figure out.

Hundreds of years ago, we moved at a slower pace.

We didn’t have all the modern conveniences we now take for granted. We weren’t shuttling the kids to school and activities, or running to meetings morning, noon, and night .

We had time to cook nutrient-rich foods for our families. We selected fresher ingredients, fruits and vegetables grown closer to home. Foods that not only tasted better, but were better for us.

Yes, we pay the price for our modern conveniences.

We’re just starting to learn that the health of our teeth can be an indicator of other health issues throughout our body.

And what most people don’t realize is just how important our teeth are for diagnosing our overall physical health.

So we follow “normal protocol.”

We assume dental health starts in a tube of toothpaste, or a bottle of mouthwash …

When instead, dental health begins with the nutrients we consume and put into our bodies.

So we grab different tubes of toothpaste every time we shop. Or we give a new mouthwash a whirl. We may visit dentist after dentist, listening to their ill-advised suggestions, booking root canals and surgeries.

But none of this is getting to the root cause of the problem. Because the root cause may be much deeper, impacting our other vital organs. It may lead to even more prognoses down the road.

Right now, we’re on the cusp of new discoveries …

I’ll be sharing more on this in a moment.

I truly believe you’re in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. Because right here and now, I’m going to tell you …

The single most important cause of gum disease
may be deeper than you think. And it might be even easier to
solve the problem, with only 3 seconds a day.