Job Board Email for Potential

Subject: Lauren, going to Copy Accelerator this month?

Hi Lauren,

I’ve recently joined the Copy Accelerator mastermind with Justin Goff and Stefan Georgi. As I was reviewing previous job postings on the membership board, I noticed one you posted this past September for an email copywriter position. Are you still actively looking for copywriting help? Will you be attending this event at the end of the month?

While I may be new to Copy Accelerator, I’m not new to the world of copywriting. I’ve helped dozens of professional and creative business owners grow and market their businesses with words. I regularly create email funnels and email generation campaigns for my clients, and would be happy to share some of my work with you.

If you’ll be at the event, I would love the chance to connect and learn more about what you do. If there are specific projects you’re currently hiring for, I’d enjoy hearing more about your goals, and learning more about how you connect with your customers.

Hope to see you soon at the event. Or if it’s not in your calendar for this year, I’m happy to connect virtually at your convenience.