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What’s the first step you have to take before you plan, promote and grow your business online? The most important thing is:

Your Website!

And not just any website, but a website that allows you to do add pages, photographs, graphics, videos and more with a click of a mouse. You shouldn’t have to wait around to offer new specials, share new ideas and build new products and service for your business just because your designer has you in a two week holding pattern to add new content.

I can get you started immediately and help you quickly design a site that will not only look good, it will work even better.

I’m giving you my “step by step blueprint” – the one I reveal to my top consulting clients and the one I’ve used to create dozens of sites making money right now. And its available 24/7 with instant access, no matter what time of the day or night you are ready to access it.

Dear business owner,

Have you been dreaming of the day you could take your idea online and start making money with it? Yet the idea of hiring a web designer is completely overwhelming. And those simplistic website builder sites you get with other companies just aren’t getting the job done. What do you do? Can you really find a way to easily build the enterprise you’ve planned out over the course of the last few months?

Hi, my name is Lori Osterberg and I’ve been working online since the mid 1990’s. I’ve created three successful businesses and countless websites for those three businesses over the years, earning as much as $250,000 and more each year.  My clients have taken the skills I’ve taught them and gone on to create and grow their own Six Figure business models and have come back again and again to thank me for setting them on the path to success.

I love helping make dreams come true.

Yet the one thing that has always frustrated me is the uncertainty of one of the most basic pieces to your business model – a website. Without a website in today’s world, you simply can’t exist. Yet many designers even today are still holding the concept of a website over your head, saying you have to rely on them to get things done. It simply isn’t true.

Now you can learn just how easy it is AND take charge of one of the simplest ways of growing your business online, doing it on your schedule and at your own pace, whenever and wherever you choose.

And I’ll show you how.

I have the convenience of having a programmer (a coder) right here in my business (thanks Andrew).  So when I decide I want a new website put up or I want to create a new URL for a product or service I’ve created, I simply forward the details over to Andrew and its done. But even with a coder right here sitting next to me, I would still have times when I wanted to make a change or add a new page, and it would have to wait until more pressing items were completed.

When WordPress came out and we began experimenting with it, I immediately loved the convenience. Yet I’ve seen “template” systems before, and trust me when I say most are not all they are cracked up to be. So I waited, experimented and watched.

And the more I learned about WordPress, the more I liked.

WordPress is the number one tool that puts you in the driver seat of one of the most powerful ways of marketing your business, whether you are just starting out or have been in business for 20 years.

To put it simply, you push a button and you are open and in business! What could be greater than that?

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own page, post, private page, membership area, landing page  and ad campaigns within minutes … without any HTML training or experience.

WordPress has everything ready and available to create any type of site you choose, whether it’s a simple site or a complex tool.

It’s the most universal publishing platform online and is the easiest, most user friendly system I’ve ever worked with. In fact, statistics show that 1 in 5 sites being built right now are using the WordPress platform!

With that much standing behind it, it’s the natural choice for anyone looking to create a dynamic web presence in today’s marketplace.

In fact, some of the biggest names online trust WordPress. Names like:


Best Buy Stores



Wall Street Journal



If they trust WordPress with their million/billion dollar companies, it’s got to be the natural choice for us small business people too!

They use it because its easy to use, uncomplicated, and has so many options and building possibilities, it’s the natural choice for everyone.

In this pressing economy filled with downsizing and budget cuts, its only natural to look for tools and resources that allow you to do more with less.

WordPress is that tool.

You can add, delete, change, modify and take control of everything you share online, 24/7, 365 days of the year. What could be better than that!

Why A Training Program?

If you’ve ever jumped in and started something just because it was “the latest and greatest thing”, you know how complicated things can be. Sure, you can head over to WordPress and be up in minutes. But what do you do next?

That’s the purpose of this course.

I’ve taught dozens of business owners the power of WordPress. We’ve designed hundreds of sites. I’ve coached and provided concrete examples on what to do … and more importantly what not to do. I’ve taught one-on-one, I’ve taught in college communities, and I’ve trained in online format. In short, I know the ins an outs of the WordPress system.

So I provide you with years of experience, hundreds of hours of testing and tracking the good and the bad, and can quickly help you get up and running the right way in as short of time as possible.

In this step by step course, I’ll get you on your way and show you:

  • How to set up a WordPress site
  • How to run and operate it efficiently
  • Back end office setup of plugins, widgets, tools and resources
  • How to use SEO and get your pages listed quickly
  • Understanding the layout of pages and posts
  • How to create opt in forms
  • Understanding the sales process and what your clients are looking for
  • How to incorporate your favorite social media into everything
  • What your statistics truly mean
  • Traffic = Followers = Profits
  • Does your copy really matter?
  • Automation – the best way to get more done in the shortest time possible

And much more!

There really is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take all of your ideas, and have them online today!

What You’ll Receive

Instant Access to all training in video format – streamable to your computer seconds after you say “YES”.

  • You can watch 24/7/365
  • Watch and learn and apply
  • Need more help? Watch it again. Stop the training at any time to take action, then start it up again.

Bonus: Receive The Guide To WordPress Workbook, designed to keep you on track as you move from training to training.

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