Finding Twitter Applications – Use

I finally had a chance to read December’s edition of Entrepreneur magazine. As always, I use it to find a bunch of cool new sites online.

In this issue they has an article on Twitter (no surprise there), and in it I discovered a new resource. is a database that provides links to over 2100 applications based around Twitter. is a website filled with twitter applications

While its easy to find lists of Twitter applications everywhere these days, what I liked about is the functionality of it.  Click on any of the categories, and you’ll find lists of applications that can do, well, just about anything. They also use a five star rating scale, so you can choose the applications that have success.

What Does It Take To Get 100 Million Views On YouTube?

Putting video to use on the Internet doesn’t require sophisticated equipment, a full production staff, or several actors. The more natural, the more fun you have with it, the more you make it stand out – have a reason for it to go viral – the better your chance.

YouTube announced the most popular videos of 2009. The top 5 had a combined total of over 250 million views this year, with the top video taking almost half of that.

Number One – Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent
(The original video that achieved over 120 million views did not allow embedding – this is one from the finals.)

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Book Review – The Whuffie Factor

This weekend I finished up The Whuffie Factor by Tara Hunt. With most business books I grab them, visit the table of contents and read one or two things that stand out to me. But as I started reading through The Whuffie Factor, I found myself drawn in, and having to go back a chapter or two to find out even more information. So I started at the beginning, and dedicated myself to the whole book. And along the way started looking at my 2010 plans for social networking in a whole new way. The Whuffie Factor

Even though I’m heavily active in Web 2.0 technology, have been blogging and participating in social networks for years, there’s always something new to learn. Tara doesn’t just write about ideas – she gives case studies along the way that actually make you think about how you can apply things to your own business.

For example, she introduces us to Jonathan Coulton, a former software developer who was able to quit his day job, and do what he is passionate about – music. He doesn’t have a record label. Instead he makes use of social. His secret? He tries everything, and sticks with things that work. He encourages people to record him and place the videos on YouTube. This has led to hundreds of videos posted, and millions being driven to his site. Instead of selling traditional CDs and MP3s, he gives the majority of them away for free. When people like what he has to offer, they head back to his site, sometimes buying more of his music, or some of his merchandise. Or even buying sponsorship through his virtual bananas, monkeys and robots.

5 Thoughts To Use From This Book

1. Perhaps you are finding out for yourself that it is getting easier and easier for customers to ignore you. In fact, maybe it seems that the louder you yell, the more they tune you out. This is happening because the airwaves are polluted, people have been burned too many times, and too much choice without clear differentiation makes customers miserable.
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The Importance Of An Ebook

A blog without an ebook is like a retail store without a front door.

It’s pretty easy to understand that if you open up a retail store, you have to place it in a location that will attract customers. You have to make it warm and inviting, giving people a reason to step through your front door. You also have to have many forms of advertising to move people from their cars into the parking lot, and into your store.

What’s not so easy is understanding the same philosophy works online as well. Your blog is your “store”. People may window shop – look at various posts and read what you have to say. But in order for them to eventually become “customers”, you have to push them off the fence and help them decide to take the next step.

And that’s where ebooks come into play.the importance of an ebook

An ebook is simply an electronic book. It doesn’t cost you anything out of pocket to produce (unless you have someone create it for you); just your time to write up the ebook. But the power of your ebook can help increase your business tenfold if you create the right ebook.

Let’s look at five things you need to create a dynamic ebook.

1. An eye-catching headline.
People like things that are intriguing; something that makes them take a step back and start wondering if they truly know the answer. A title of, “How To Make Cupcakes” isn’t very appealing. Anyone can make cupcakes if given half the chance. But what about, “Ten Tips That Can Make Your Cupcakes Lighter, Fluffier, And More Beautiful Than A Professional Cake Decorator”. Hmmm…  All of a sudden you took a common topic, and made it a whole lot more interesting. You also raised awareness and intrigue, and gave people a reason to want the information.

2. Relevant content.
If people sign up for your ebook, they want the information you promised. If they signed up for, “Ten Tips That Can Make Your Cupcakes Lighter, Fluffier, And More Beautiful Than A Professional Cake Decorator”, they want ten tips that will help them improve the taste and look of their cupcakes. Don’t fill it with information that’s off topic, or worse, a sales pitch for products and services. You want this initial contact to be pleasant for the reader. You want to build trust. If you deliver what you promise, they will be back.
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Using Video On Facebook Pages

When you think of videos, chances are you think of YouTube. According to the latest Nielsen’s VideoCensus, YouTube serviced over 6.6 billion video streams during the month of October.flip video

But what may be surprising is that Facebook is the number three video stream site behind YouTube and Hulu, with over 217 million streams in October.

If you are using Facebook for your business, video is probably one of the easiest and most effective ways of communicating with your fans. Instead of typing out posts or thoughts, put it into a video. And if you’ve followed me for a while, you know one of my favorite tools is the Flip Video. You can shoot a video, pop it into your computer via the USB port, and have it on Facebook in less than 30 minutes.

What can you use video for?

1. Record the production side of your business. Show how to fix something, what to watch for if you’re advising your followers to replace something, or simply give the benefits of using your product.

2. Video your clients, and have them provide a testimonial.

3. Record new products you find at industry tradeshows. Share with your clients up and coming items, and how new things will help them be more effective in their business or lifestyle.

4. Share your story. People love stories, and they do business with you because they like what you have to say.

5. Provide helpful tips. Yes, you should be blogging helpful tips already. But take the concept to the next level with video. It adds a whole different dimension to your business.

Once you have your video recorded, it’s easy to put it on your Facebook page.

facebook video

From your Facebook page, move to the video tab. Then find the upload button and click. Choose a file from your computer, and start the upload process. You can create a title, description, and even connect it with other profiles if there is more than one person in the video. When you upload a new video, it moves into your stream, allowing all of your fans access to your new content.